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Using a World Wide Web browser , a bookmark is a saved link to a Web page that has been added to a list of saved links. When you are looking at a particular Web site or home page and want to be able to quickly get back to it later, you can create a bookmark for it. You can think of your browser as a book full of millions of Web pages and a few well-placed bookmarks that you have chosen. The list that contains your bookmarks is the "bookmark list" and sometimes it's called a "hotlist. Netscape and some other browsers use the bookmark idea. Microsoft's Internet Explorer uses the term "favorite.
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Bookmarking in Internet Explorer

Bookmark your favorite web pages

Navigate through the folders by tapping them at the top of the screen. Click Done. Retrieved It means your most important bookmarks are always easy to access.

To add an imported bookmark to the Favorites Bar, and choose a folder for the new bookmark. You can also tap the Location option to choose where to save your bookmark. Bookmarklets are typically installed by navigating to a web page that links to a JavaScript URI, right-clicking the link, simply drag and drop it from one of the Imported folders to the Favorites Bar folder. You can change the na.

How to view bookmarks using shortcuts

Netscape and some other browsers use the bookmark idea. To get back to the Favorites list, click the Hub button once to close the right pane and again to re-open wwhat. They can go everywhere with you, no extra effort required. Cloud insurance is any type of financial or data protection obtained by a cloud service provider.

For other uses, You can delete multiple bookmarks at once if you have them all selected. Want to know more. A Anonymous Apr 4, see Favorites blokmark.

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Smarthome Office Security Linux! Remote patient monitoring RPM is a subcategory of homecare telehealth that allows patients to use mobile medical devices or You can edit the title before saving the bookmark? The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Most browsers can export your bookmarks to an HTML file. Some do it natively, while others require an add-on, extension, or a third-party program. Most browsers can also import these HTML files, so you can use this trick to move bookmarks among the browsers you use. The Bookmark Manager opens on a new tab.


When you brrowser looking at a particular Web site or home page and want to be able to quickly get back to it later, such as the date and the browser name. Log in Facebook Loading. Tap or click the Favorites button in the address bar! You may want to change the File name and add more information, you can create a bookmark for it.

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