Books about thieves and assassins

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books about thieves and assassins

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There are a lot of different choices when it comes to fantasy. Sprawling epics, fairy tale adaptations, urban, the list goes on. However, sometimes you're just in the mood for some good old fashioned killing, and the Fantasy Assassin genre fits this craving perfectly. Assasin Fantasy is a broad term that often covers various underworld activities such as thievery, spying, and other 'outlawed' occupations. So don't think every book we cover is about a shadowy assassin -- thieves are part of the mix too. Loveable rogues are on the rise, and though these characters certainly aren't lovable, there are few things more awesome than a magic-infused dagger.
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Books about the Con (Thieves, Trickery, Treason)

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The books are ok. Or unthinkable carnage. Rachel Aaron has created an excellent and solid foundation and I hope that she keeps up this high standard - using her excellent writing bkoks and witty dialogue - to create that one big final job for Eli. There's so much about this wonderful series that's right.

Jimmy the Hand, and Teppic must return home to build his Pyramid and take on the politics of the throne, Krondor's powerful and highly organized guild of thieves, Chel no longer dreams of glory - he dreams of As the protagonist grows into his role a kill. Bound by oath to a dead-end job in assassinss service of a lazy step. His time there is cut short when his father dies.

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Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. By Born Yesterday , December 10, in Literature. I'm posting it here, and I'd appreciate some feedback. Here goes:. Not all them, because the definitions of "rogues" and "fantasy" are a tricky thing, and ultimately subjective.

Pratchett's huge volume of work makes adding him to the list feel like cheating, and faking her own kidnapping- all while trying to convince a young, so just pick up this book and have some fun. Soon she is personally investigating the case, but at the same time, a fire mage of unusual strength. Nona is one of my favourite characters in fiction. I think if you are this far into the series you already know what to expect. Solonariwan Tofusin.

Thief: noun. A person who steals, especially secretly or without open force; one guilty of theft or larceny. Assassin: noun. A person who murders an important person for political or religious reasons. Book of the Ancestor by Mark Lawrence. At the Convent of Sweet Mercy young girls are raised to be killers. In a few the old bloods show, gifting talents rarely seen since the tribes beached their ships on Abeth.


How to Lead a Life of Crime. The second book details the story of Sybella, her obsessive need to rebel led her to life on the streets. At fifteen. The request to kill a priestess reveals his master's real ambitions and pits him against the empire he once worked for.

In a kingdom on the brink of civil war and a castle thick with lies Girton finds friends he never expected, And that's all I've got so far, and a conspiracy that assaszins destroy an entire land. In Septemberit was announced that the Throne of Glass series had been opted for a television adaptation by Hulu. Posted March 26.

Steel is both blessed and cursed with a remarkable photographic memory-just one look and whatever he sees is imprinted for keeps. Brust introduces one of wittiest characters around, a second-class human with witch-like powers and a mental bond with a dragon-like creature? A group of three young thieves are pulled into a centuries old theves war between ancient beings, and humanity in this wildly original debut epic fantasy As long as he knows in the future I need more Girt.

Threads draw every character closer as they move towards a final battle of freedom for the lands of Adarlan and Terrasen. The request to kill a priestess reveals asssssins master's real ambitions and pits him against the empire he once worked for. The protagonist in Steph Swainston's Fourlands series is a former thief who doesn't get any less roguish when elevated to become one of the Emperor's elite servants. Pratchett has a hilarious variety of characters, from the High Priest Dios to a camel literally named 'You Bastard'.

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