Ita books paul and sally

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ita books paul and sally

Anybody else taught how to read using ITA (Initial Teaching Alphabet)? — College Confidential

The Initial Teaching Alphabet I. It was not intended to be a strictly phonetic transcription of English sounds, or a spelling reform for English as such, but instead a practical simplified writing system which could be used to teach English-speaking children to read more easily than can be done with traditional orthography. After children had learned to read using I. Although it achieved a certain degree of popularity in the s, it has fallen into disuse. The I. Each symbol predominantly represented a single English sound including affricates and diphthongs , but there were complications due to the desire to avoid making the I.
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What is ITA?

I learned ITA at school from to about I think it must have been pretty new then because when I went up to the junior school, there were only 6 of us who read ITA. Yes, it was a very odd period in British education — a really bold idea that was dominant for several years and then dropped rapidly from favour.

Anybody else taught how to read using ITA (Initial Teaching Alphabet)?

I was born in and my school only did it my 2nd and third grade years and then stopped. They need to see English as it IS written. I hadn't seen the ITA letters since then As I remember, the a and e were linked together to form one letter making that 'a' sound.

From what I recall of the findings, and wrote more, illustrated by Nardini 6 mie book ov pinocci. Titles: 1 mie bo. Le typo. What they were doing was delaying their entry into reading and writing society.


We have changed the way we log in on College Confidential. Read more here. March edited September in Parent Cafe. In my Midwest public school in first grade I was taught how to read using this method: Initial Teaching Alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Instead of a 26 letter alphabet we were taught how to read and write?! It was phonics pure and simple.


I learned ITA at school from to about. I learned ITA from in a primary school in Scotland. I have since I left school got my English O level but I still can't spell thank god for computers and spell checkers. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.

It took a while for me to discover they never learned I. Titles: 1 book 1 - dieamonds 2 book 2 - the fiev men 3 book 3 - the rescue. It was suggested using two systems and I remembered being taught ifa. That was the ITA book I learned to read.

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  1. Ltd,London. I believe it was only taught for one year. Mon dieu! If you've got any questions.

  2. I was told off for spelling correctly and made to rewrite into ITA? They retained me and I was placed in an ITA first grade. Initial teaching Publishing Co. ITA should not be to blame for poor spelling in adulthood.

  3. We're on likes! Arrived today via eBay: "The Miner" by I and J Havenhand, illustrated by John Berry - A Ladybird Easy-Reading book from the "People at.

  4. Well, which we didn't get to use, but I cannot help thinking how ita kind of ruined my upper grade school and high school academics, it has been kept quiet and all evidence has disappeared. I was taught to read with the ITA program in the school year and I was always a good speller as well as sallt good reader. And it was a big success? Our first readers were more sophisticated than the "Dick and Jane" books of the time.

  5. I can still read I. It put me off reading as the new, correct English was alien to me. Yes that meant I never was able to land a good paying job or career. Glad my boys didn't have to learn it though.

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