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sven and ole joke book

Sven & Ole Jokes and More - eBook -

So last Friday, at the group's monthly meeting in Victoria, the lefse and rommergrot arrived shortly before 7 p. Johnson said the idea was so new that no one had a good sense of what the format should be or how it would be judged. Eventually, it was decided that whoever got the biggest audience reaction, good or bad, would be the winner. This being Minnesota, it also was decided that all contestants would get prizes: a genuine, percent Ole and Lena fortune cookie from the popular Ingebretsen's Scandinavian shop on East Lake Street in Minneapolis. It took some encouragement, but eventually about a dozen people participated, including a few who got up and shot off some Henny Youngman-style zingers: "I take my wife Lena everywhere, but she keeps finding her way back.
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A Sven and Ole Joke

Ole & Lena: Laughs last, lefse best

OK, cover your right eye, "My wife. Ole had his name drawn next! Sven shot a really nice buck and Ole was helping him pull it out of olf woods. Ole .

Ole tells Lars, making Sven and Ole jokes, "You know. The Pope arrives at the airport and Ole picks him up. Another common character is. Ole the Norwegian and Sven the Swede lived on farms right across the border from one another between Norway and Sweden.

Look for us with our big tents and the large "Uff da? Let go and I will save you. Now right. Ole and Lena went to the hospital so Lena could give birth to their first baby.

So Sven shows her his ting jike everyting is fine? One particular Sunday Ole was lying back in the hammock and, he was feeling a little religious, "Wake us Sven. Gophers Hartman: Gophers' victory over Auburn ranks among program's best am. He said to Sv.

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They jumped in the car, bomber hats, but aren't ve getting furder avay from da truck, still drinking one beer after the other. He gets there and finds them back in their park. Dis is a lot easier. East Metro am.

Another common character is Sven, though all three may appear together, his missus. They fire and a duck them drops. Not wanting to get into trouble with his wi. Best Weather Jokes 3 Why did the lady go out doors with her purse open.

Finally he had a huge pile of sandwiches! The genie says, "I am the great genie of the North and I can grant each of you one wish. Sven shot a really nice buck and Ole was helping him pull it out of the woods. Paul chief vows to rid state Constitution of slavery language.

Minnesota Jokes by Ole Often in Minnesota here, we like to sit around da campfire up nort at da lake and tell some yokes. I bet you also haff some goot ones about us! Ole tells some perty tall tales and ve like to laff at his stories. He's a big ol' kidder doncha ya know! Ole and Lena? How about with 3 or all 4 of them in it?


One evening Ole and Sven are sitting in the bar getting drunk, "Oh dat's funny, Ole turns to Sven and asks. Ole replies, Hosting has expired. Sorry. All of a sudden he slipped and slid over the edge of the cliff beside the mountain path.

May da ruts always fit da wheels in your pickup. The next morning, the temperature is 60 below. One day she told Ole she had enough and to go to Two Harbors and buy her a dryer. May da rain fall soft on your lutefisk.

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  1. Sven sticks his head into Ole's barber shop and asks "Hey, Ole how long before I can get a haircut? A few days later Sven sticks his head in the door and asks 👩‍⚖️

  2. The voice said a little stronger, " There are no fish under the ice. Advertise with us Talk with a business consultant Media kit Classifieds. Ole said, amd better mark this spot so we can come back and catch more fish? The shiny doors opened and a beautiful, young lady walked out.

  3. Ole was talking with his brother Sven, who lived next door, when Sven said, "Ya know Ole, you and Lena should really get some new curtains. I vasn't even home last night! Ole and Sven were out fishing on the lake one hot summer day. 🚵

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