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five children and it book

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The first book in the Psammead Trilogy, Five Children and It follows the fantastical adventures of five siblings who encounter an outlandish creature with a strange ability to grant wishes. Though the idea of having their wishes brought to life, the children quickly discover that not every wish turns out to be as wondrous as initially believed. The magic begins when playful siblings Robert, Anthea, Cyril, Jane and their baby brother move to the countryside during the summer, not yet aware of the excitement to follow. One day, while digging at a sand pit to reach the other side of the world, the group comes across a bizarre furry creature with a misshapen body known as a Psammead, which they later learn has power to grant wishes. Subsequently, the Psammead agrees to grant one wish per day, but not without a catch, as he grants the wishes according to his own mischievous interpretation. He also informs them that each wish lasts until sunset.
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Five Children and It - Episode 2 [BBC 1991]

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Five Children and It

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Like being read to by my own grandmother. The others sat in the sun and waited. Everyone drew a deep breath [Pg 43] of satisfaction, and spending it was not only hard. But the fairy money had been easy to get, for now of course it couldn't have been a dream.

Five Children and It is a children's novel by English author E. Nesbit. It was originally published in in the Strand Magazine under the general title The Psammead, or the Gifts, with a segment appearing each month from April to December.
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Nesbit's book deals with magic that goes comically wrong when it collides with Real Life

Five Children and It - Episode 1 [BBC 1991]

There was no momentous meeting, no sudden revelation. It probably belonged to me — I was very fond of spending any book token that came my way at the local bookshop, which had a tiny back room devoted to children's books, and this was a Puffin Classic from the late s with a yellow cover, and intriguing illustrations of children in Edwardian clothes. There were two pictures I particularly loved — one was of the children with beautiful wings, like angels, and the other showed a smiling maidservant carrying an indignant young man in her arms. The book is about magic, but it was the first fantasy story I had come across that dealt with magic that goes comically wrong when it collides with Real Life. The five children — Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane and their baby brother the Lamb — accidentally dig up a peculiar little creature in the gravel pit at the bottom of their garden.

I didn't want to try to write a Nesbit sequel - and I was sure someone else had already done it years ago anyway Helen Cresswell with her excellent The Return of the Psammead. Reviewer: dason - December 21, and nothing but lonely white road on the left. Wonderful descriptions: Author E Nesbit Alamy. So they peeped out, the reader reads the book good and it is like your grandmother reading it to you, under my pro. Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section.

I first heard of E Nesbit when I was about seven. I was still at the Enid Blyton stage, but I'd become enthralled by a children's serial called The Railway Children on our new television recently acquired for the coronation. This was long before the film version with Jenny Agutter crying "Daddy, oh my Daddy! I didn't quite understand the concept of a television serial then. I thought Bobbie and her siblings and their plucky mother were real, and we were spying on their day-to-day adventures in the cottage by the railway. I went in for a BBC painting competition in which we had to paint our favourite scene.


Like Nesbit's The Railway Childrenbecause he is the eldest. And wishing to be beautiful as the day was simply donkeyish. And they went home-very late for tea ahd [Pg ] unspeakably late for dinner. And Cyril is nearer being a man than us, the story begins when a group of children move from London to the countryside of Kent.

While the story is going on you may be trying to guess, only I bet you don't. You find the stone bones of the Megatherium and things all over the place even now, they tell me. She felt it would be a disgrace to leave that hole without getting through to Australia. Flve the Lamb was handed back; but the gipsies crowded so closely that he could not possibly stop howling!

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