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I listened to every last one. The authorial voices vary in origin but share a common resonance. Fury tempered by resilience, awe subsumed by fear. Among the ranks are a poet laureate, professor, radioman, scientist, actor, doctor, musician, cartoonist. Too many voices to name. So I will forfeit any hope of being comprehensive in favor of sharing what moved me in the hope that you, too, will be stirred to reconnect with the ghosts of our recent past, resurrected for us by these mighty storytellers who refuse to let us forget the legacy of Hurricane Katrina. Less the story of either storm, it is the survival story of a city and her citizens imperiled by forces forever swirling just beyond their control.
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Hurricane Katrina Book Recommendations

City of Refuge. by Tom Piazza.

Hurricane Katrina in fiction

Reading the essays in Mark Childress's "What It Means to Miss New Orleans" is like having a conversation with the world's smartest person about the worst thing in the world. The What Was? For those of us who lived near and through this storm and its effects, this book is the real story and puts to rest a lot of rumors that have circulated for the ten years since the event. Gladwell examines how Hurricane Katrina may have inadvertently improved a generation of people's prospects wbout joining the middle class.

What is his insight in this book. Among the ranks are a poet laureate. Turning ten should just be about birthday cake and presents and fun! The stories about evacuation also highlight that people didn't know what to expect - who would have predicted the disaster that followed?

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Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans Booktalk

Skip to main content Katrina New Orleans. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. I am an avid reader of all books about Hurricane Katrina, and of the volumes I have read, The Great Deluge has been the best read. It really gives points of view of all parties involved, and even though the length initially worried me, I couldn't put it down. For those of us who lived near and through this storm and its effects, this book is the real story and puts to rest a lot of rumors that have circulated for the ten years since the event.


The flooding produced a toxic swill of sewage, snakes and bloated corps. Fink won a Pulitzer Prize for this investigation into aboit doctors and nurses at Memorial hospital in New Orleans decided to euthanize more than a dozen patients during the chaotic days after Katrina hit. There are uncomfortable issues that come out about poverty and race. Neighbourhoods are being revived.

The population is two-thirds smaller now, with whites easily outnumbering blacks. The college-professor-turned-damage-assessor author brilliantly weaves her first-hand knowledge of the fridge-lined streets captured by her camera with a wealth of research, even a more prosperous black professional class, he gladly accepted. What you see is black working-class communities, shocking statisti. Having been unable to bathe or change his clothes for several da.

What I hrricane about a novelistic treatment is that there are two characters: one is a white, alternative weekly editor. The piece features great photos -- and a strange and touching definition of luck. I love this book. Article continues after advertisement.

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