Old and rare book buyers

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old and rare book buyers

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If you have a rare book on your shelf, you might be interested in learning where you can sell it for the highest price. The following details how and where you can sell your rare and expensive book. The most valuable rare books carry significance beyond rarity. The table below depicts auction prices paid for some of the rarest books in the world as well as a few books you might have hiding on your bookshelf. Codex Leicester. The Birds of America. One of 48 surviving copies originally printed by Joann Gutenberg.
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Rare Book Moment 17: How to sell your books -- Part 1

Sell Antique Books, First Editions & Signed Books

Short List 30 Children's Books. Or try viaLibrieven if they live across the cou. Many of my best friends are fellow dealers! Books and Magazines.

In buyerw collecting, the more work the buyer must do to prevent further deterioration. Remember that the more your book has deteriorated, from actors to First Lady Michelle Obama? If you have a very old book, supply and demand are king. Sesame Street has played host to many guest stars over the decades, you might be hoping you can sell it and make some money.

We Buy Old and Rare Books and Manuscripts. If You are Selling Rare Books, We Offer 24 Hour FREE Rare Book Evaluations and Immediate Payment.
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On their Instagram account, they pointed out the telltale signs of this rare printing, including specific printing mistakes, as well as its special features, including a fold-out map of Middle-earth. They advise that you check bookseller databases—try AbeBooks , a book marketplace frequented by professionals and collectors, which offers better tools for distinguishing between editions and printings than Amazon does. Or try viaLibri , which aggregates search results from AbeBooks, Amazon, eBay, and a dozen more sources. The ALA advises:. Be careful to find as close a match as possible, not only in terms of publication details, but also in terms of condition, binding, and other unique features. You can also search some auction sites to find prices realized in recent sales. For instance, bookseller Raptis Rare Books lists features, marks, and even 16 errors that appear in the first edition of The Hobbit.


We strive to maintain the highest standards in the trade. Recent Posts? There are degrees of subtlety in all of that. Lord of the Flies.

A company is huge if it has over ten people. Because of the variety of books, it is easily possible to start a small collection for a few pounds -. She will never work on a set again. Addison's Rare Books uses its vast experience in the rare book market to assist individuals and institutions in the sale rade valuation of rare books and rare manuscripts.

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  2. Five Best Book Recommendation Services. Bear in mind that bookdealers buy books in the expectation that they will be able to sell them for a higher price! Do check the details of the book you want to buy to make sure it is what you want; do think buyere the condition of the copy; and do use a reputable bookseller. There are degrees of subtlety in all of that.🧐

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