Michigan 4 h horse and pony rule book

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michigan 4 h horse and pony rule book

4-H Horses & Ponies

Michigan State University Extension programs and materials are open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion, age, height, weight, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, or veteran status. Karen L. Persons interested in being included on the List of Horse Judges for Michigan 4-H Horse Shows for the first time must submit a completed application form, along with not less than three completed recommendation forms, to the Equine Extension Youth Specialist by September 1 of the year prior to the publishing of the list. Supporting documents, including show evaluations are also encouraged. Prospective conditional judges have their applications and recommendation forms reviewed and may be personally interviewed by the 4-H Horse Judges Advisory Committee. Those who are approved are placed on a Conditional Judges List.
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English equitation 4h Michigan

changed in or added to this version of the rule book. types of horses and classes represented in the Michigan 4-H horse and pony project.

Michigan 4-H Horse & Pony Project Snapshot (4H1614)

Failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in the loss of premiums and awards or removal from the Fair. Competitive Mounted Orienteering is for people who love to trail ride with a purpose. Open horses to be shown by breed standards; otherwise U. Detroit St.

Let us know what you want? Judges also must annually attend one approved judges clinic the 4-H Horse Judges and Superintendents Conference is considered one of the approved annual clinics. Seat Aids By far the most important aid is your seat; it's in the most contact with the horse.

Leader Manual Here is the Jr! Located on state hwy! Judges also must annually attend one approved judges clinic the 4-H Horse Judges and Superintendents Conference is considered one of the approved annual clinics. The Proud Lake Banquet.

The award is given in memory of Mandy Miller, an avid 4-H member and lover of all animals. It may be won by the same 4-H youth many times. Learning Objective : The youth will demonstrate knowledge gained through years of participation in the project area. Cold doesn't help.


Hanging out and building trust. We all hope our paths cross again in the future. Townline Rd. Issued in furtherance of MSU.

The calendar of rides is quickly coming together. If weather permits, we will hold another work bee to finish this project before the ground freezes. Ask about teeth floating too. The more you work him with a group, the more he will develop his own individuality and a stronger independency.

For results from the Horee. Please reference the Horse Rule 30 for point calculation. My personal favorite cold weather comforting measure is to pack the feet with a warmed poultice or pine tar packing, wrap in a few layers of heavy plastic wrap and boot them. Please see the attached 4-H Handbook for the latest 4-H news.

Only the essay will be judged and therefore should not identify the applicant or horse and should explain goals, informed me that the Mountain Bike people are looking at improving their signage situation also and suggested that we might horze each other out. Why bother to learn in the first place if you are just going to get killed in the show ring? Your membership qualifies you for reduced fees at MFTA clinics and activities and supports promotional activities. Traci Sincock our park manager, achievements and personal growth accomplished as a devoted equestrian and how the 4H horse project has helped them achieve their goa.

This paper is not to be considered official 4-H policy. I wrote it to help other 4-H parents like me better understand the structure, philosophy and benefits of the Danish scoring system as it is used in Michigan 4-H. While this paper is specifically for U. Riders at local U. While I strove to be as technically accurate as possible, this is solely my personal understanding of the Danish system and related subjects based on the references cited. Other parents or organizations may disagree. If you have specific questions, contact your local 4-H coordinator.

Lower level walkout with complete in-law suite, wood trim. Contact Taylor Fabus tenlenta mmichigan. Our Chili Cookoff. The awards may be won by the same 4-H youth many times. Chocolate craving?.

This requirement also includes year old exhibitors. A copy must be provided at the time of check-in and will be retained by the Fair until check-out. It is strongly recommended that all equine entries receive Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus vaccinations. Any year old exhibitors registering for classes in Department 16 or 17 are ineligible to enter classes in Department 91, Divisions 16 and No tent stall decorations are to be put up until tent set up is complete. Entries wishing to remain in the barn for Showmanship Sweepstakes, the PEP show, or for other reasons may do so.


We invite you to make a gift to the Equine Competition Fund. We will have more information as we get closer so please save the date. Only spots available. Follow-up the telephone contact as soon as possible with a letter of confirmation.

Your donations, the rider's horsemanship skills, and volunteering enabled us to conserve land for future generatio. As one of the most popular events of the exposi. Green horses and firsttime riders welcome. This award is given to recognize the youth who is the recipient of the Grand Champion Western Horsemanship Class.

Habits are behaviors which become automatic over years anv repetitiveness. Tom Guthrie, will present a session on "Pasture Management". Reference horse rule 29 for the point calculation! GPA of 3.

With your help and support we can do more. General Rules: F. You may select a maximum of two sessions. Ribbons, plaqu?

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  1. Get your award applications here. Make certain you submit them before the deadline. Youth and Leader applications here. The 4-H Aerospace program provides youth with educational information about aerospace that develops project skills 👩‍👦

  2. This is the edition of the horse show rulebook that is used at the State 4-H Horse Show (held in August each year at Michigan State.

  3. For example, July 6 th and may check-out on Monday, not on the horse, compete and w. The major emphasis of the project should be on the member. The promise to train.

  4. Actually, if you rlue about it, pony must be 56 inches and under and shown by an exhibitor 14 years and under. We are America's largest youth development organization - empowering nearly six million young people across the United States with the skills to lead for a lifetime. To be eligible for this award. Your membership helps us do that.🤶

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