Aircraft maintenance production planning and control pdf

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aircraft maintenance production planning and control pdf

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At the tactical level, the key issues include maintenance load forecasting and capacity planning. The coding system provides a comprehensive checklist of all items of work that can be found in a specific type of construction. Equipment reliability is increased. Course achieve more efficient planning and control of maintenance events. This chapter focuses on tactical and operational maintenance planning. The processes in this course pave the way for planning and control of maintenance resources. Maintenance Planner Qualification.
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Aircraft Maintenance Introduction

3 Production Planning Control

The process layout is preferred when there is a need for flexibility to handle a large variety of products with different sequence of operations, in order to handle the unplanned maintenance. Activities are generally coarse descriptions that apply to high-level sub-assemblies such as a main landing gear assembly and may have large durations which vary according to inspection outcomes. An electronic indicator in the work-order systems needs to be able to identify the work-order by status of planning. Thus, when there is little standardization of parts and when production volumes are low.

The progress staffs are located in each of the manufacturing and assembly shops. For example, M. Dijkstra, if inspection reveals that a part needs to be replaced and that part has a manufacturing or procurement lead time of five days then it would be five days before it would be replaced. It will be clear that both can benefit from decision support based on mathematical models.

On the other hand, cost and specification measures are used for control. Time, pressures would exist to make incentive payments to them since it is recognized that the direct workers cannot perform their jobs without the active support of indirect workers and staff. Alternatively, both dependent processes can indicate their precedence via appropriate network links. This precedence can be represented through a common branch where the re-assembly process can share a branch with one of the other processes and the dependence of the other process is then identified via a network link.

AVM by TangoWare 1 review. Incentive payments: Incentive payments are made for rewarding performance of workers above a set norm and are regulated by the incentive scheme in operation. Thus, the basic functionalities required of heavy maintenance of aircraft include:. A producton adopted norm of machine utilization per machine per machine per month is hours in one shift operation.

Personalised recommendations. Concepcion Mota M. Thus, planning with uncertainty using the unitary structure Figure 10 can reduce overall project completion times. They are partial integration of data structures - hierarchical BOMs, sequential operations routings and closed-loop project networks; and multiple levels of planning and scheduling of materials.

Gannet by Lundin Software 3 reviews. The re-assembly process is dependent on the pllanning of the first two processes. An aviation maintenance management and tracking system that enables aircraft operators to track and manage equipment in real time? This paper aims to develop a conceptual framework for real-time production planning and control PPC.

Much more than documents.

What is Aviation Maintenance Software? Capterra is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities. Capterra directories list all vendors—not just those that pay us—so that you can make the best-informed purchase decision possible. Solumina MRO provides a platform for planning work, and executing and tracking processes online creating a paperless environment that allows for quick visibility into many issues that arise on the shop floor. The solution is supported by a real-time problem resolution system that extends into supplier networks. You, the maintenance service department, are faced with the daily challenge of making sure your assets are available as much as possible. Do your current tools allow you to listen to the signals your assets give you?


Bird, covering different aspects of production planning and control. Learn more about Traxxall. A project code system provides the framework for project planning and control in which each work package in a WBS is given a unique code that is used in project planning and control. It consists of three modules spread over a year, C.

Learn more about AirLog. This is the number of direct workers allocated to the shops as per the appointments register. Monitoring and aiecraft insures the team and stakeholders stay aligned to the plans and have the information and insight needed to make the best decisions that keep your projects on-track. Furthermore, heavy maintenance can benefit from effective configuration and component maintenance!

Tasks can be activated according to inspection outcomes and the overall activity duration can be determined by the sum of active task durations. The maintenance project for this case is a simple activity network and can be represented by a combination of both standard and parallel sequences of activities, which are equivalent to operations routing in production planning. In turn, the aggregate plan provides the cues for detail scheduling? Smallwood.

The job moves from one work centre to another depending on the sequence of operations required in the process chosen for the products. ENW EndNote. This video lecture, part of the series Industrial Engineering by Prof. As such, once the project is underway.

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  1. Pooja Jain. The reader is finally taken step by step through planning, execution. Planning is a key element of maintenance management. Incentive payments: Incentive payments are made for rewarding performance of workers above a set norm and are regulated by the incentive scheme in operation.💚

  2. Planning of operations requires scheduling of work centres with finite capacity loading. The Planning Breakdown is derived from a study of the manufacturing drawings. Learn more about AuRA. Prerequisites Strategic planning assumes that certain aspects of the future can be created or influenced by the organization!

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