Encyclopedia of foods and their healing power volume 1 pdf

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encyclopedia of foods and their healing power volume 1 pdf

Encyclopedia of Foods and their Healing Power by Safeliz - Issuu

About Us. Throughout our lives, between 10 and 20 tons of food or even more for some people will pass through our months. A part of it will remain in our bodies, forming our cells and tissues. In reality, we are what we eat. Eating is an inescapable act , from which nobody is free if they wish to carry on living.
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Books For Understanding Alkalinity, Herbs, & Energy Healing

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Flos Chamomillae

A modern and concise encyclopedia that presents the latest research on food science, nutrition, and dietetics. Almost foods from the 5 continents are described; around recipes with the practical application, in the kitchen, of nutrition science. The advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of foods are studied in detail. The composition and the preventive and healing value of foods and recipes are analyzed in depth. The foods with the greatest healing power are grouped according to the organ, or part of the body, which they benefit the most.

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