Cook v 2001 second language learning and language teaching pdf

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cook v 2001 second language learning and language teaching pdf

Applied Linguistics Reading List – French Program

There has been a great deal of claims and counter-claims with respect to L1 use in L2 learning. The findings of L2 research to date cast doubt on the rationales of proponents of exclusive use of L2. Researchers and practitioners who have observed L2 classrooms have identified different functions of L1 in L2 learning. The data obtained revealed that the L2 teachers used L1 mainly to provide feedback, teach new vocabulary, explain grammar, build rapport, manage the class, give individual help to learners, and save time in lengthy task explanations. The findings might have significant implications for language teachers, in particular in EFL contexts, regarding the facilitative effects of L1 use on L2 learning. The pedagogical implications of the study are explained in detail. Arnfast, J.
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Second Language Learning and Language Teaching This page intentionally left Teaching Fourth Edition Vivian Cook First published in Great Britain in by 'have' /h v, hɘv, ɘv, v/ have a fixed stress or stresses: 'pilot' are stressed for.

Applied Linguistics Reading List

Chapter 5 a cquiring and teaching a new writing system. SLA research methods. The Modern Language Journal, - Article: Comparing first and second language acquisition.

Full Text: PDF. Language Sciences Classroom code-switching in a Vanuatu secondary school: Conflict between policy and practice. Article: Teaching vocabulary.

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Download this list as a printable PDF. Layer 1. Atkinson, D. Alternative approaches to second language acquisition. Block, D. The social turn in SLA.


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