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holy blood and the holy grail pdf

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Access options available:. Despite the clear reference to his predecessors in his title, Atkinson distances himself from Baigent and Leigh by noting the hoax upon which their theory was based as well as making a concerted effort to ground his inquiry in literary evidence. As such, it is perhaps more productive to treat his inquiry as a medievalism reflecting the popular conception of literary scholarship as a kind of chivalric quest in search of sacred icons. Perhaps this kind of literary questing represents an attempt at identification with a Grail knight like Perceval. He finds this loss indicative of a mystical experience that is specifically connected to ancient shamanistic practices and the consumption of a hallucinogenic mushroom. Much like Baigent and Leigh, Atkinson treats his sources as intentionally hiding the truth about shamanistic practice, although he does not have as clear a sense of the cultic purpose for these secrets having been hidden in literary allusion.
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Holy Blood, Holy Grail

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The Secret History of Christ. The Shocking Legacy of the Grail

The novel, Holy Blood, Holy Grail , begins as a simple assignment to find out what a country priest in France discovered that made him, among other things, suddenly wealthy. The assignment, however, turns into a discovery beyond all expectation. The authors exhaustively research their topic and find it impossible not to follow a path that will lead them to an explosive conclusion, one with the potential to astonish all of Christianity. As suggested by the book's jacket, this book is destined to be one of the most talked about books not only of the decade, but also of the century. One of the authors, Henry Lincoln, worked for the BBC and was given the assignment of uncovering the truth behind a country priest's sudden accumulation of wealth during the late seventeenth century.


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  1. "To call Holy Blood, Holy Grail controversial would be an understatement. The book's contentions have met a religious firestorm." —International Herald Tribune​.

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