Castes and tribes of southern india volume 2 pdf

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castes and tribes of southern india volume 2 pdf

The History of British India, vol. 2 - Online Library of Liberty

Edgar Thurston CIE — 12 October was a superintendent at the Madras Government Museum who contributed to studies in the zoology , ethnology and botany of India and published works related to his work at the museum. Thurston was educated in medicine and lectured in anatomy at the Madras Medical College while also holding his position at the museum. His early works were on numismatics and geology and these were followed by researches in anthropology and ethnography. He succeeded Frederick S. Mullaly as the superintendent of ethnography for the Madras Presidency. He worked as a medical officer in Kent County Lunatic Asylum and became a curator of the museum at King's College before joining the Madras Museum in as a superintendent.
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Rangachari in The seven-volume work was one of several such publications resulting from the Ethnographic Survey of India project which was formally instituted by the Government of British India in The Survey was intended to record details of the manners, customs and physical features of Indian castes and tribes using in part the anthropometric methods that had first been used in India by Herbert Hope Risley for his own survey of the tribes and castes of Bengal. An eight-year period of funding was allotted for the purpose. The British government in India appointed a Superintendent of Ethnography for each province. He was appointed Superintendent for Madras Presidency , while L.


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