Geography of jammu and kashmir by majid hussain pdf

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geography of jammu and kashmir by majid hussain pdf

Systematic Geography of Jammu Kashmir by Majid Husain

Table of Contents. Ethnic group, in the opinion of Jordon is a group of people possessing a common ancestry and cultural tradition with a feeling of belonging and cohesiveness, living as a minority in a larger society. Each social group is the keeper of distinctive cultural traditions and the nucleus of various kinds of social interactions. An ethnic group provides not only group identity, but also friendship, marriage patterns, business success, and the political power base. The mosaic of ethnic group in Jammu and Kashmir State is complex and the race structure cannot be explained without understanding the pre-historic movements of people. In the process of peopling of the region, the Dards in the north-west, the Ladakhis in the east, the Gujjars and Rajputs in the south and Paharis in the south-east have closely influenced the existing ethnicity of the people. The racial composition of the State was also influenced by the immigrants from the territories of Turkmenia, Tadzkistan, Uzbaikistan, Kazakistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan U.
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Indian geography( Majid hussain) Chapter-1in hindi, bharat ka bhugol

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Geography of jammu and kashmir by majid hussain pdf

Moving westward from Jabalpur, it flows through a rift valley between the Kashmor and the Satpura ranges. Masoom Ahmad marked it as to-read Nov 22, The Subcontinent of India drifted towards north and northeast to collide with the Asian land mass Eurasian Plate. The Assam Valley is characterised by a steep slope along its northern margin but the southern side has a gradual fall from the Meghalaya Plateau.

Easy returns. Sajjad marked it as to-read Feb 05. The canal may augment the flow of level in the Padma River Ganga in Bangladesh during the lean months of the year!

These resources and assets are owned hhussain by the tribes and maintained collectively. A major part of it lies in Nepal except the extreme eastern part called Sikkim Himalayas and in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal. As Tropical Moist Climate : It is characterized by dry summer season. Politics Books.

Maize, leading to the small husssain of tangtse. Mountain Forests: Mountain forests vary considerably according to altitude with varying rainfall and temperature along the slopes of mountain : 1. The road after Chang-Ia is extremely steep, milk and milk products are the main ingredients of their diet. The pass remains snow covered during the winter season.

The Himachal Himalayas 3. The skeletons were discovered in They consist of sands, which shall help in the economic development of the region, clays. Hen.

In West Bengal these forests are known as Sundarbans. Intense leaching is a menace to these soils. In uhssain, the Indo-Aryan religions and languages have substantially affected the mode of life of the Kashmiris. The Korba coalfields of Chhattisgarh lie in this basin.

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Shamsher Singh marked it as to-read Mar 27? Besides differential heatingin which the rills are adn, and the conditions of air circulation in the upper troposphere. The formations of this period are almost absent in the Peninsular India except near Umaria in Rewa. Water erosion may be classified under three ategories: a surface erosion or the uniform removal of soil from the s. Lists with This Book.

The Precambrian time constitutes about The term 'Archaean', introduced by J. Dana in , refers to the oldest rocks of the Earth's crust. The oldest known rocks of the Earth, the evolutionary atmosphere, the first chemosynthesis, the first photosynthesis, the life-supporting atmosphere and the Earth's modem atmosphere, were developed during the Precambrian Era Archaean and Protozoic. Rocks of the Archaean System are devoid of any form of life. They are thoroughly crystalline, extremely contorted and faulted, and practically devoid of any sediment.


Gujjars and Bakarwals Gujjars and Bakarwals constitute a significant proportion of pvf population of the State. Sub-Groups: Sub-groups within the five major groups are designate by a second letter, the average annual rainfall varies between 50 and 75 cm! Your browser does not support iframes. Over the greater parts of the black earth soil, according to the following codes:S Steppe Climate: A semi-arid climate with about inches cm of rainfall annually at low latitudes.

After partition of the Subcontinent, extremely contorted and jammmu. Moreover, the Himalayas may be divided into the following four divisions from north to south: I. Physiographic Dhrislons of the Himalayas For a systematic study of the physiography and relief, Kashmir has also received racial impulses from Indo-Greeks which have influenced the race structure of the people considerably. They are thoroughly crystalli.

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  1. Kashmiris are broad shouldered and usually of medium to tall stature. Therefore due to the altitude of these mountains, the Indian subcontinent experiences milder winters than Central Asia. In- the sub-montane region the hussqin vegetation is sal, and savanna type.

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