Management and entrepreneurship textbook pdf

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management and entrepreneurship textbook pdf

Management and entrepreneurship by phanee

The two-year Business - Management and Entrepreneurship Ontario College Diploma program provides you with the knowledge and skills for a successful career in management or ownership of a small or medium-sized enterprise. This program has a strong focus on business trends, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, and innovation in a digital economy. It encourages your creativity, strategic thinking and originality, as you cultivate the skills to start up and run a small business. Explore your talents and creativity through hands-on projects that can be customized to your interests. Learn about business concepts and how to:. Create a start-up idea that you develop and enhance throughout the program. Complete multiple team-based projects, including the creation and presentation of a comprehensive business plan.
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Save extra with 3 Offers. The book is structured into two modules - Management and Entrepreneurship. The first module covers management concepts, planning, organizing and staffing, directing and controlling with brevity and clarity.

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