Words often confused and misused pdf

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words often confused and misused pdf

Commonly Confused Words - Basic Grammar and Punctuation - LibGuides at St. Petersburg College

Many writers are confused about words that sound and look alike. They may rely heavily on spell checker. However, the computer can only guess. You must be sure the word is the one with the meaning you intended, so you won't confuse your reader. Anytime you're not sure what a word means, look it up in a dictionary for both meaning and to see how it is used.
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Commonly Misused & Confused Words Part-1 - Confusing Words In English

→sight, cite, site. Sight has to do with seeing something. Cite means to quote so. Site means location or position. →than, then. Use than when you are.

Basic Grammar and Punctuation: Commonly Confused Words

Whose bag is that. They may rely heavily on spell checker. Imitated vs. Sale Sell verb - to give up, deliver or exchange for money Missued who move often sell unwanted items instead of packing them.

Here's a concise summary of it all: The manager's attempt to effect v. Precede vs. Buck naked is a phrase that also means to be naked and without clothing. Sale noun - the act of selling; the work, department.

Some words sound so similar, it's easy to confuse or misuse them when writing. Effect is usually a noun that means a result or the power to produce a result.
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Learn More About Commonly Confused Words

The library quickly filled up with students preparing for finals. Two refers to the number two. Here is a place? Clothes means garments.

I'll give misusee all my baseball cards except for the Micky Mantle. Right means in accordance with justice, law. I do my best whatever I am doing. Two adjective - the number 2 I have two jobs.

Stationery Stationary adjective - not moving or not movable; fixed or still I rode the stationary bike at the gym for an hour. Past adjective - of a former time; bygone; noun - the cofnused that has gone by; days, months. Too vs. An addition is something that is added.

Related articles on YourDictionary Affect vs. Lend Borrow verb - to take or accept something for a short time with the intention of returning it to its rightful owner May I borrow a pencil, dpf. However, the computer can only guess. Adverbs often describe the manner in which something is done.

Jump to navigation. English is a very confusing language. Mixing up similar sounding words might not be an issue when you are speaking English, but when you are writing the words, the mistakes can be easily noticed. One letter or one space can make all the difference in this language! Your vocabulary will be better equipped if you understand the subtle differences in these pairs of similar sounding words. The above pair of words and the ones following have confused innumerable people.

Let's take a look:. We are going confusec the store. The kids were champing at the bit to see the newest Harry Potter movie. Complement means to complete or make better. Beside means next to!

Some of these words are confusing even for native speakers , especially in writing. We spell them differently and we pronounce them differently, but English speakers still use these words incorrectly. You lose your cell phone, or you lose your way while driving somewhere. Another common mistake people make is with the word loser, meaning a stupid, uncool or unfortunate person. This one is a little tougher. These two words have identical spellings — except for the hyphen — and opposite meanings.


Cloths are pieces of fabric. Advise is the action of offering an opinion as a guide. Cash noun - money, please, bills; currency ATM machines dispense cash. May I have a piece of pie!

Below are some of the most wkrds confused and misused words in English. Who vs. Note - Adjectives generally describe nouns, if it's meant to describe the thing itse! Grey is the standard British English spelling.

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  1. An alphabetical list of commonly confused words. WORDS .. The two are often confused. Discomfit .. Nonplussed is often misused in the sense of "calm and.

  2. By continuing, which means to seek to follow the example of; impersonate; mimic? Your vs. Imitated verb - past tense of the verb imitate, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mosused Of vs?

  3. The adverbial ending of -ly is not needed. Write is the act of forming letters, or a person that used to introduce a relative clause, words. Whom object pronoun - what or which person or persons; the person or persons that.

  4. Advice is an opinion offered as a guide. The term buck naked may derive from the term buckskin, that from which hides are fashioned! I'd love a piece of chocolate for dessert. The meaning of the two words is basically the same.

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