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Physics MCQs for Class 12 with Answers Chapter 9 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments – Learn Cram

Physics Top Multiple Choice Questions Optical fibres are based on the phenomenon of a interference b dispersion c diffraction d total internal reflection Answer d total internal reflection The phenomenon of light associated with the appearance of blue colour of the sky is a interference b reflection c refraction d scattering Answer d scattering Lens in made up of a pyrex glass b flint glass c ordinary glass d cobalt glass Answer b flint glass Lambert's law is related to a reflection b refraction c interference d illumination Answer d illumination A water tank appears shallower when it is viewed from top due to a rectilinear propagation of light b reflection c total internal reflection d refraction Answer d refraction To draw maximum current from a combination of cells, how should the cells be grouped? We will create web pages of your files on the behalf of you. Your support will make this library huge and more helpful to other readers. You must log in to upload your files. Aspire Study. Upload Log in Sign Up. Mobile No.
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Hello Aspirants, I am uploading Question Bank on Optics with Answer Key, This will Help you in Preparation for Medical and Engineering.

Physics Top 100 Multiple Choice Questions

Randomly polarized light moving along the x axis in the positive x -direction is incident on an atomic oscillator at the origin. The same current is passed through another wire of half the resistance. II only. Learn image location by spherical formula of mirror, reflection of light test prep for online certificat.

Question 10 Question: The acceleration in a body is due to 1. Light with an electric field oscillating in the y questioons. The path a light ray takes maximizes its time of travel between any two points. A short pulse of white light is incident from air to a glass slab at normal incidence.

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How far is the image from the person? What is the distance between the object and its image? Virtual 2. Real 3. Diverging 4. Converging Answer: 2 Question 21 Question: A ray of light is incident on a plane mirror and the angle of incidence is 25o. What is the angle of reflection?

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  1. What happens to the image produced by a pinhole camera when you move the back wall farther from the pinhole? It becomes. The shortest mirror in which a creature from outer space can see its entire body is 👨‍⚕️

  2. Geometrical optics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), geometrical optics quiz answers pdf 1, learn high school physics for online certificate programs.

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