Abdullah yusuf ali quran translation and commentary pdf

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abdullah yusuf ali quran translation and commentary pdf

The Holy Quran Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali,

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Abdullah Yusuf Ali was a renowned Sunni translator and commentator of the Qur'an.. His translation and commentary has been very popular in the Islamic and Western world, wherever English is read and understood.
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Published 25.05.2019

The Study Quran compared to other English Qurans

Abdullah Yusuf Ali. The Meaning 20 The Arabic word Rabb, usually translated Lord, has also the meaning of Commentary on the verse , (Eds​.)]

The Holy Quran - English Translation of the Meaning and Commentary

Qaf, The.

Man', na. Book of Joshuadenounce hi. If the enemy treacherowly breakJ faithOld Testament. The Opening: 2.

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The Opening 2. The Cow 3. Women 5. The Table, The Table Spread 6. Cattle, Livestock 7. The Heights 8. Spoils Of War, Booty 9.


Man created in the best of moulds. S 6'6 Text and Notes, after he had retired from the Civil Service and settled in the United Kingdom. Siirah At Qa. Ali began translayion translation in the s, 6".

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