Asp net programming interview questions and answers pdf

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.NET Interview Questions and Answer: Practical Implementation

We have a variety of advertising options which would give your courses an instant visibility to a very large set of developers, designers and data scientists. You are an ASP. NET programmer… Your next job interview is round the corner… You want to score that job… All that means is that you need to prepare well despite being knowledgeable in the domain. Generally, in technical job interviews, interviewers will not only ask complex questions, but you may also even face some very fundamental and rudimentary questions which can make or break the chance to win. You may need more than this set of questions to arm yourself fully for the interview.
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A candidate can be tested in multiple ways with regard to ASP. NET related jobs. NET interview questions can be asked to test your skills and practical knowledge about the advanced development concepts.

.NET interview questions

Usually, the objects that get moved from generation 0 are stored in this. Non-Persistent cookies only remain in memory until the browser is closed. Also Read Related. NET interview questions may be asked from anywhere because it is a vast subject.

Currently there is ASP. Logical Data Types a bool 5. Therefore, ASP. Constant value should be initialized at the time of declaration which we cannot initialize in runtime.

Where can I get .NET Interview Questions and Answers with Explanation?

Net is the most widely used framework for developing the applications on windows. It encompasses ASP. Net, languages such as C , VB. Net, Cobol, Perl, etc. And it will not be possible to cover all the vast concepts of.

Net is a part of. What do you mean by client side technology. Using the Attributes property of server side control. Net are Common language run-time. When you call Thread.

NET Framework is an important integral component in. NET software. Id: rnreddy gmail. Net Framework is a runtime environment, which we can use to run. Net Interview Questions 1. Net Framework 2. Net 3.


The components of ADO. Row updating and Row updated 4. Are you willing to relocate. The web config files are application level configuration and are specific to the web application alone.

A thread executing outside managed code is always safe for garbage collection, and its execution continues until it attempts to resume execution of managed code. A Gridview1. This is because caching all information leads to overheads! Code Access Security prevents the.

For this we can use Base. NET is one of the most successful parts of the. NET controls. What are the different Session state management options available in ASP.

A ASP. LINQ interview questions? NET class. The components of ADO.

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  1. The controls have special tags understood by the server. They exist for the life of the current page. Difference between DataReader and DataAdapter. Start ; Start : It is a pre-defined member method of thread class.

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