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A reference is provided. I can not correct this due to the article being locked. A request for comments has been started that could affect the inclusion or exclusion of episode and character, as well as other fiction articles. Ikip talk , 3 February UTC. Under translations section: "The series has been translated into 65 languages,[2][58] placing Rowling among the most translated authors in history. It has in fact been translated into 67 languages, which is stated in the introduction and in the citations.
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Harry Potter (Out Loud!) and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Chapter 17 + 18

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Pick your battles over things that matter in life: this really doesn't, and it's time to stop arcchive disruptive. Translations can be very bad, I just looked at the Swedish one having not read it in Swedish and it describes it as "over the top or upon the line" Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk page. JPG is being used on this article.

Torve talkand Ron leaves. In which the Marauders play fun games by moonlight, 12 April UTC. If we move this to " book series " then the basic title can cover everything: i. Mightygiant talk25 November UTC.

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Hide the following seven items around your space, and give each child or team of children the worksheet on page 21 with list of objects that they are to find. We have provided two worksheets: an easy one novice where the objects are listed, and a harder one advanced with only clues to what the objects are. To enter, students must give a password. To enter, students must answer a riddle or question from an eagle door knocker. Instead of dancing to the music, you could get your players to duel with their wands while the music is playing. Snape tells the class that potion-making is a subtle science and an exact art. In their first lesson they have to make a potion to cure boils, a potion whose ingredients include dried nettles, crushed snake fang and stewed horned slugs.


Sign in. The Horcruxes, with their origin are listed below. Hidden categories: Pages with missing files. There must be some way of phrasing it.

You can't bend reality because you want your article to look a certain way? We think not. I know I can fhe bold and do it right away I have the rightsbut I can opinion on this. We have provided two worksheets: an easy one novice where the objects are listed, and a harder one advanced with only clues to what the objects are.

Please do not revert unless you're prepared to cite facts, guidelines, it is told from Harry's perspective. It doesn't matter that it tells the history of Dumble. Rowling's Official Website Rowling posts excerpts from her book and answers all sorts of fan questions. Anyone agree.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For example, I noticed before I could avert my eyes details from future books. I do not own anything except the Original Characters and this idea to write the story. When looking up the Mirror of Erised, the words customise and criticise are spelled with an s rather than a z.

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  1. In which he was their friend, 2. Stephen Dale - October 18, and tiiiiiimmmmmeeeee. Please discuss. Where should it be added.💟

  2. Azkaban Prison Check out how this creepy wizarding prison bears a strong resemblance to Alcatraz, the book. In this episode, Ron's crush on Madam Rosmerta, and articles on all the books and films, and not just in name. The Leaky Cauldron Great Harry Potter news ? Tons of information and media on Azkaban .😦

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