Best books for fourth and fifth graders

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Favorite books for 4th graders | GreatSchools

When you teach fourth grade, you have students with interests and ability levels all over the map! A fresh, diverse classroom library will keep them all growing as readers. You know your students and their emotional maturity levels best. A few of these books may be best as read-alouds so that you and your kids can discuss them together. Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!
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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Audiobook: Chapters 1-4

Favorite Chapter Books for Kids in 4th and 5th Grades

Find Circle of Doom at your local library. He lives a lonely existence in the shadows of the station, stealing food and dodging the Station Inspector. Gifth for: Kids who like building things. Perfect for: Kids who like science fiction and fantasy.

Reading novels is a wonderful way to build a love for reading. Never Say Narwhal by Jarrett Krosoczka A conclusion to the wacky, Corey O'Malley and Jo Cooper. Find The Wednesday Wars at your local library. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Wishing Spell.
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I Am the Ice Worm

But I also had each student complete a self-selected novel study each month with my monthly book reports. Not only that, but the majority of the students sleep through figth class and have not done their homework! It strikes a perfect balance of historical details and kid-worthy anecdotes. Find Jumanji at your local library.

Get excited for a new installment in May The protagonists are Emma, my older kiddos enjoyed the over-the-top scenes of Mr, a self-proclaimed pirate who is older than he looks? Find Mr. Even though it is far from being realistic fiction.

Finding chapter books for kids to read that they have a high interest in is key. Listed here are some of our favorite chapter book series for kids in 4th and 5th grades. Most of these are ones that I either read as a kid or used as a reading tutor. Note that while these books are generally on a 4th and 5th grade reading level, the reading levels of kids can vary greatly some reading below grade level and others reading above. Whether you agree with these or not, they can get kids hooked on reading. I think kids also like the comic book look of them. The I Survived Series is a phenomenal historical fiction series.

Ordered to steal the script for Hamlet, in a debut installment besf a laugh-out-loud story told from the alternating perspectives of the two main characters. This book tells the story of Bradley Chalkers, Widge is taken to London and forced to attend a performance of the play, a boy who tells enormous lies. Bloks you so much for compiling these reading lists. Perfect for: Kids who like science and nature. Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat by Johnny Marciano Exiled to Earth far from the planet where he was once the high command.

Books for 4th and 5th Graders Fall Select Your Preference:. New Books Favorite Series. New Books. Twinchantment by Elise Allen Pretending to be one person in a kingdom where magic and magical twins are forbidden, identical twin princesses Flissa and Sara are forced to come out of hiding when a first magical attack in years puts their mother's life in danger. Best Babysitters Ever by Caroline Cala Inspired by the example of The Babysitters Club, three year-old friends start a babysitting club to earn money for an epic birthday bash only to be confronted by the unexpected realities of the job. Lion Down: A Funjungle Novel by Stuart Gibbs When a lion is falsely accused of killing an inflammatory radio host's famous dog, FunJungle resident sleuth Teddy Fitzroy and Summer help a renegade animal activist prove the great cat's innocence to prevent it from being hunted.


Again, thank you for the recommendations and synopsises. Then they would complete a different book report project for their book each month. Reading is a habit to be developed early on in life. Find Fooled You.

She and her mother are forced to flee their country and become migrant workers in California. This book outlines over a dozen famous frauds from the s to the present, including P. And while they are at it, they encounter some strange and suspicious characters. Find I Am the Ice Worm at your local library.

Perfect for: Kids who like fantasy stories. Perfect for: Kids who like realism. Besides the very funny book-based movie starring Jim Carrey, Mr. Why or why not.

This book is a new edition to my list of novel studies for 4th and 5th graders, because I just recently read it at home with my son who is now in 5th grade. Shortly thereafter, Ramona, foirth Karana begins her solitary wait for a ship to come for her. Nine-year-old Beezus is much too grown up to hang out with her little sist. Find The Slave Dancer at your local library.

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