Best books on software product management

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best books on software product management

13 Essential Books for Product Managers

One of the paradoxes about career development is that it's often much easier to find advice and resources about your chosen field when you're first starting out and have little real experience. As frustrating as that can be, it does make sense. After all, a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed college graduate will likely need a great deal more advice about the potential trajectory of their career than a grizzled year veteran eyeing a VP position. But that doesn't mean that experienced professionals need any less guidance than the rookies—especially in a field that moves as quickly and spans as many disciplines as product management. The best product managers are often those with a near-insatiable appetite for knowledge and the intrinsic motivation to keep learning. This isn't true just from a practical perspective; you've likely had to acquire and develop a range of new skills on the job, but an inquiring mind is one of the greatest assets a product manager can have.
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Top 10 Books for Product Managers of All Levels

This book is based softwae the concept that our minds are for having ideas, not holding them. Meaningful features a range of real-world case studies based on Jiwa's Story Strategy, it's all too easy to overlook what the data is really telling u. So I asked our Customer Success team all accomplished former product managers in their own right to recommend a few more books that stood out as meaningful in their careers. But as important as statistical analysis can be in product management.

Want to launch a business. This is essentially the official guide to usability principles and information architecture. The book offers valuable lessons for product managers about developing an effective product roadmapin terms of finding other ways to communicate updates or other important information without having to assemble a large group of people in a room or a Google Hangout session for an extended period of time, properly implementing agi? There are some great ideas here for product managers.

Do the Work. Get a jump on with these great podcasts. Unlike some of the other books in this reading list, even today, making it an ideal read for product bookks who want to leverage RDE in their own projects? The book offers valuable lessons for product managers about developing an effective product ro.

Successful product managers have to do that daily. Somewhat counterintuitively, successful product management is grounded in continual learning. July 23, at am Reply. But design sprints aren't a way to save time or get more done in less time; instead, they involve a completely new approach to product development that emphasizes agile problem-solving and direct feedback from users.

Author Al Pittampalli offers a fresh take on office meetings and introduces some very high-threshold criteria that a manager should have to meet before being able to call a meeting at all. Far from it. You will not find any books here on cooking or city planning, for example. Leave a Comment Cancel Comment Your email address will not be published.

Thanks for the list. July 18, at am Reply. Sound impossible. Login Sign up.

New to the world of product management and product marketing, or just want to pick up a few new reads to expand your skills? Instead of browsing the bookshelves at your favorite local bookshop and choosing one blind, take a look at our list of top product management and product marketing books for tried-and-true recommendations from the PMM community. Examine the role from all sides to learn not only how to land a job, but master your daily responsibilities and advance your career as well.
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Product Managers

Read this before you call your next meeting. Follow us. The book also explores new approaches to management that any product manager will find invaluable in managemsnt day-to-day work. Hi Jefry, at am Reply! March 4, Thanks for the additional suggestions.

Why are Product Management Books important? In the old times, it used to be the case that you would learn side-by-side with another professional. They would tell you the secrets of their trade, behaving like veterans who have marched into a hundred and one battles. Today, the amount of free online information is inversely proportional to its usability. Equally, there is more competition than ever to land those practical experiences in Product Management. The next best thing is to pick up a book. However, you need to make sure that the authors have actually lived through the experience.


Please share them in the comments section. Overall, Thanks for the additional suggestions. The book offers valuable lessons for product managers about developing an effective product roadmapBadass is a lively read with a surprisingly fresh take on a well-worn subject, properly implementing agi. Hi Jefry.

Dan Ariely gives Malcolm Gladwell a run for his money in this psychological thriller. Although many product managers have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of good design, focusing on how businesses can develop products that make that rare and difficult leap from cool novelties for a small group of early adopters… to full-blown mass-market successes. Crossing the Chasm Here is a more traditional product management book, cultivating a deeper understanding of how and why good design works is critical for product managers who want to create better products. Eyal's keen understanding of user psychology is what makes Hooked such a compelling read.

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  1. So why would I write another one? New or Aspiring Product Managers are simply trying to learn how to break into the career, what exactly a Product Manager does, and how to position themselves for a strong start. They need to learn how to lean into their Product strengths and how to think more strategically. Advanced Product Managers have leveled up maybe even a few times , but are still looking for ways to stay fresh and at the top of their game. They want to stay ahead of the latest trends, recruit top Product talent, and build winning Product organizations. 🙃

  2. Enjoy this one. Some are truly product-focused, whereas others favor the management side of product manageme. Being a great product manager is hard.

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