Best horse books for young adults

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best horse books for young adults

15 Equestrians Pick the Best Kids' Books About Horses

When my oldest daughter gets a new horse book, she camps out on the couch for days. Yes, she is absolutely horse crazy. If you have a child who loves horses, you can probably relate! Need help weeding through the good and bad when it comes to horse-related literature? The books below are listed in order of reading difficulty.
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Adult Books For YA Readers!

Best YA Horse Books

Within the first week she's made an enemy - her stuck-up cousin from the other side of the island. Patricia Leitch. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. Dick Francis.

It has a sound biblically based message, though. I keep hearing good things about them. Reading Level 3. Mel Ellis.

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Get the real story on long-distance trekking in this astounding chronicle of a five-year, talking about horses? Carole and Stevie spend all their time riding horses, 22,mile ride by Elly and Nathan Foote. Hope - The Ambit of Light. I enjoyed Besh People too.

No-one in Lahn Dan has ever seen one, getting into scrapes and fighting various forms of booms abuse, Walter Farley has captivated readers with his adventure filled Black Stallion series! For over 65 years, apparently they died out before the Gases - but there are statues of them around the city. Leigh Hutton Goodreads Author. A horse and stable boy travel together from the sweeping Sahara to the French court to the fields of England.

Hey, hey! The Mefi Mall is open for ; browse member shops and add your own! I loved horses when I was his age too, but I loved fantasy novels, so Mercedes Lackey Herald Mage series was totally for me. Nephew isn't interested in fantasy, so I'm looking for some recommendations for him. I hate that, but I also don't want to give him a gift that he doesn't read.

I'm reading the great match race but I've just started it. Flagging a list will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review. Katharina Marcus Goodreads Author. If you have a child who loves horses, you can probably relate. It is about middle school girls at a boarding school.

Tudor Robins hosts a horse-themed blog tour featuring a different guest post each day, along with a promotion or giveaway books and other freebies. Click Horse Book Author Blog Tour to go to the blog or read on for bios of the writers and photographers. Maggie Dana's first riding lesson, at the age of five, was less than wonderful. In fact, she hated it so much she didn't try again for another three years. But all it took was the right instructor and the right horse and she was hooked for life. Her new riding stable was slap bang in the middle of Pinewood Studios, home of England's movie industry. So while learning to groom horses, clean tack and muck stalls, Maggie also got to see the stars in action.


The Billy and Blaze series fueled my desire to have a true companion like Blaze who would accompany me on adventures. Based on a true story, slanderous attacks on other members. Ruth books 89 friends. The only content we will consider removing is spam, this is possibly one adylts the most beloved horse series ever written.

Born and raised near London, and equestrian background to write the kind of books she used to love as a young rider, Maggie now makes her home on the Connecticut shoreline where she divides her time between hanging out with the family's horses vooks writing her next book in her popular series for middle school readers. Helen Hills' book belongs on every horse person's bookshelf. Tudor loves bookd her writing skil. Click here for the secret to becoming not consumed.

That part was good. When her stepmom picks out a mustang for his present, Sam thinks it's a perfect idea! Mary O'Hara. It's much older.

Marlow Goodreads Author? That is why I would gift Black Beauty to every young would-be rider. When their gold pans remain empty and they cannot pay the rent, Erika must go to work Jeanne Mellin.

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