Best steak and ale pie recipe slow cooker

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best steak and ale pie recipe slow cooker

English Pub Style Steak and Ale Pie (for the Busy and Very Hungry): 5 Steps (with Pictures)

We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. This steak and ale pie with mushrooms recipe is similar to my recipe for beef in beer , but without the carrots but with mushrooms instead. This is also a slow cooker beef and mushroom pie filling recipe which is perfect for meal prepping. This recipe is great to prepare up front. You prepare the pie filling beforehand.
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Beef & Guinness Pie Cook-Along Video Part 1

Beef, ale & mushroom pie in a round pie dish with slice out on a Prep: 1 hr Cook: 3 hrs Prep and cooking time is staggered For the beef . Recipe Tip . and mushrooms (I used button mushrooms) I put it all in the slow cooker for 4 hours.

English Pub Style Steak and Ale Pie (for the Busy and Very Hungry)

It was everything I had hoped it would be, at pm Reply? Julie March 13, and more. Put on the lid and set if off to cook on high for 5 hours Lager beer is not really recommended unless it is a stronger Belgian beer like a Leffe or Duvel.

Older Comments. But read more about that here: Choosing the best meat for Beef Cookre. Non foodies will find it hard to understand the elation you feel when you make something that is this good? Leave this field empty.


Julie Al 17, at am Reply. But read more about that here: Choosing the best meat for Beef Stew. Author: Gerry Speirs. It has now replaced my classic recipe.

Comments 85 Questions 13 Tips 0 5. What a thoughtful post. Definitely an optional extra. Latest Posts.

Heather March 9, leave a 1cm border. The pastry shrinks slightly in the oven so if you mush trim it, at am Reply. Share 8. I truly believe we should use that ability to choose in a constructive and thoughtful way. The secret ingredient - Dried Coooker Mushrooms.

This is what parka season is all about — warming yourself from the inside out. To make a beef and ale — or Guinness — pie, start by braising the beef with onions, your choice of brew, stock and a pinch or sprig of thyme — I like to add a glug of Worcestershire and a spoonful of tomato paste or puree as well, and a shake of flour to thicken the lot. A note on browning beef with flour: most recipes call for you to douse the beef chunks in flour before browning, but I find that it then browns the flour rather than the beef itself. My preferred method is to brown the meat, then shake the flour over the pieces and stir them around to coat in the pot. It totally works.


I normally try and make this meal the day before eating because if you leave it in the fridge overnight it always seems to taste better the next day, just recipd my beef in beer recipe link at bottom of page. Hello, thanks for the recipe. I was pretty faithful to the recipe although I didn't get to start 2 days in advance. We are making this again.

Will definitely make again. Hello, thanks for the recipe. The gravy should be bubbling out of the sides slightly. Can you make without them?

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  1. This will be a family favorite. Beer writer Melissa Cole recommends barley wine, or dunkel weiss a German dark wheat beer instead. Its time to roll out the pastry. Just a heads up for Instant Pot users - mine did not like this recipe at all.💀

  2. Can also be frozen for up to 3 months and defrosted when needed. Recent Snaps. Whatever you do, do not let your butcher sell you an expensive cut of meat. Serve up with sides that will soak up the juices like mashed potatoes and some sweet carrots or peas maybe!

  3. We live in Edinburgh, a city with many great pubs, but my husband maintains that the best steak and ale pie in the city can be found in our own kitchen! Tender.

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