Best vegetable stir fry sauce recipe

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Easy Chicken Stir Fry Recipe - Mom On Timeout

This is an easy stir-fry sauce recipe to quickly make homemade stir-fries with whatever meat or vegetables you have! Of all the recipes here on the Woks of Life, you may find yourself coming back to this one the most often for both versatility AND taste. Every day, I would make dishes like beef and broccoli , chicken with string beans , and beef with mushrooms. So often, that rich dark sauce was the first choice of hungry customers, and for good reason. One such shortcut was having an all-purpose brown sauce on hand to use as a base for many dishes, including the ever-popular Beef and Broccoli. This ensured that anyone working at the wok station would make the same great-tasting dishes every single time. Consistency and speed are two very important requirements for a good Chinese restaurant, after all.
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Chinese Stir-Fry Sauce: For Any Meat/Vegetables!

It was simple to warm up and was filling all day. Tracy - January 26, pm Reply! This looks like such a delicious staple. Serve over try rice or noodles.

Natalie - July 8, pm Reply. Big hugs. Marina - March 3, am Reply. Pingback: This 2-step trick will make cooking with ginger so much easier - Free1st.

I totally agree that the sauce makes a dish. Search Recipes:. I tried this sauce tonight with chicken and a premixed stir-fry bag from the produce section. Stir sitr dinners are the way to go.

Braggs would be a great substitute. Thanks, Natalie. Hi Susan, am Reply. Natalie - March 4, thanks for reaching out.

This sauce is fabulous. My cousin substituted stkr ginger and she said it still tasted great. Sandy - October 11, pm Reply? Finally a go-to sauce!.

You can throw in just about any kind of vegetable and protein that you have around and then serve it over rice or noodles. Rae - October 20, pm Reply. It was delicious. Jenavive - March 25, pm Reply.

The Ultimate Meal Prep

Stir frying is a cooking technique you need to master and I will teach you the tips and secret ingredients to make the best stir fry sauce. It calls for only a few ingredients:. The corn starch thickens the sauce, so the stir fry sauce clings to the meat, and every bite is bursting with deep flavors. To showcase my homemade sauce recipe, I made this healthy and delicious Chicken with Broccoli and Carrots. This recipe is the epitome of a perfect Chinese stir fry dish; the taste is subtle yet utterly scrumptious.


Wow this was great. Dressings, and Dips, almost any veggies will work. Surprise Me. Again.

Pour over veggies and cook until the sauce has thickened. I made this sauce tonight for a chicken and vegetable stir fry. Glad you guy liked it too! To showcase my homemade sauce recipe, I made this healthy and delicious Chicken with Broccoli and Carrots.

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  1. Stir and toss a few times before adding the Stir Fry Sauce. Top the chicken with the white sesame and serve immediately. Now you have me on pins and needles waiting for Thursday? Broccoli, snow peas and the bell peppers do not take as long to cook.

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