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best books by anthony burgess

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Anthony Burgess, whose centenary is celebrated this year, remarked ruefully on more than one occasion that he produced as many novels in a year as E. Forster managed in a long lifetime. The centenary is the ideal opportunity to bring his work to a wider audience, and celebrate the enormous variety of his output. Burgess seldom wasted any experience if it was likely to yield material, so it is no surprise that his first published work is clearly based on his service as a colonial officer in the dying days of empire. The trilogy now known by the title The Long Day Wanes appeared in the late fifties, and chronicles the doomed attempts of a diffident Englishman, Victor Crabbe, to come to terms with the polyglot diversity of Malaya in the years before independence. The first volume, Time for a Tiger , maintains a steadily comic tone, though the mood darkens in the second and third volumes. The trilogy is a marvellously imagined evocation of the end of empire, but unusually for a British author, the focus is not just on the colonials: the Malays, the Chinese, the Sikhs, and, in the final volume, the jungle dwelling Hindus are all represented, so that this becomes a truly authentic account of this moment in the history of what was shortly to become Malaysia.
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Anthony Burgess

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John Anthony Burgess Wilson, FRSL, who published under the name Anthony Burgess, was an English writer and composer. Although Burgess was predominantly a comic writer, his dystopian satire A Clockwork Orange remains his best-known novel.
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It is years since the birth of the man who, at his confirmation into the Catholic Church, took the name Anthony, patron saint of lost causes, to become John Anthony Burgess Wilson. Forty years later, the Manchester-born writer began to be known under the name "Anthony Burgess" — created, as he said, by pulling the cracker of his full name at both ends. In the s, he became world famous thanks to the notoriety of Stanley Kubrick's slick and meretricious film of his novel A Clockwork Orange — an ambiguous triumph for Burgess, since he regarded the book, most of which he had dashed off in three weeks, as a squib. Burgess was perhaps justified in feeling resentful of the book that made his reputation. His career — and it is very hard to write about him without reaching for superlatives — is of quite astonishing range and diversity.


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