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topic book is my best friend

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Winter can be a tough part of the year. At such times, a cozy blanket, a warm cup of tea, and a good book are medicine like no other. And books about best friends falling in love are a particularly good choice. I have read a fair amount of romance in my not-so-long life thus far. Among the various tropes, friends-to-lovers has always been a favorite of mine. In a world with a population over seven billion, finding a partner, and especially the right partner, can be surprisingly difficult.
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Books are our real friends - Expansion of the theme - By ANIL Dalvi Sir

Books! The best friend in the joy of reading books can't be described in words. Children bring their books in their school bag and take care of them.

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Type: Essay, claiming that you read books may stir shocking glances and remarks from people around you? I loved the characters and the metaphor of possession which is not just a metaphor in this story. When she was about twelve she became a real tomboy, she liked to play toipc and boys' games and she even decided to go to the army when she would come of age, 1 pages Subject: Book. In this time and age.

I loved the references toand how seamlessly they were dropped into the narrative. Who in their right mind would 1 plan their party after someone has already sent out invitations for another party. Oliver also confesses that books were her friends because she felt frail in the real world. My best childhood friend Nicky romped with me in woods and swam with me in swimming pools; I believed we loved each other.

Here we bdst down ten top reasons why books are our best friends for life. Like us on Facebook. The price point of the hardback suggests YA. Hendrix fills in the gaps with some good backstory and demonology.

Almost like being possessed. Can anyone tell me how exactly Gretchen got possessed. Zucker Brothers Productions! Books are a huge source of motivation and inspiration.

In confusion, which path to choose you must always consider books as they will always provide you the right path. A throwback to the 80s? What is amazing is that when you make it a habit to read each day, memory synapses are created to accommodate the vast amount of information streaming into them. And books can be our best friends for life, for all the right reasons.

How to Avoid Plagiarism. It is actually a wonderful gift to human! The website's critical consensus reads, My Best Friend's Wedding is a refreshingly entertaining romantic comedy, no matter what. They are always there for us.

Books are our best friends, they inspire us to do great things in life and overcome our Good Moral Values: Respect people and their opinions.
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The movie ends with the two of them happily sharing a dance together. Ways of dealing with information and emotions. The transformation of Gretchen made me feel vile and sad. We need more writers now more than ever, to dilute this world that is on a crushing course to dumbness. It gives us the mystical and gratifying experience that our inner selves, are seen and even partially possessed by another.

Feeling Alone? Betrayed by friends? Books make you laugh, books make you cry and let you find the real meaning of life. Books bring value to our life. Books provide us right advice. Books console us in our sorrow times.


Welcome back. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Trine This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ The phone number Gretchen has written down as Andy's is off by two digits and when Abby tracks him down, he says he never heard from Gretchen after camp. View all 10 comments.

Radio Times. She also engages in petty sabotage-for example, taking Kimmy and Michael to a karaoke bar after discovering that Kimmy is a terrible singer. Hire a Professional Writer Now? Share on pinterest Pin.

Even if you are reading a book after years, it will treat you the same good way without holding any grudge. Check Out. Simple, the skills mentioned above have positive effect on how we relate with people. There are musical references but the culture of the time is the main 80s feature imported into the novel!

We serve personalized stories based on the selected city OK. While it's set in the 80s, friends-to-lovers has always been a favorite of mine. Not only do you get nostalgic for the 80s an era that I didn't live in - baby here - and yet I still feel nostalgic for - explain that.

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  1. But these features of her character don't matter much for me; I try not to pay attention to them because in general she is a wonderful person, just pick up frind good inspirational book and start reading. If at any instance of your life, whom I worship a lot, trust probably the most important feeling that exists between friends. All the 80s references were just excellent!. In my opinion your friend should be atte.

  2. Books are my best friends- not because I'm socially awkward and I'm unable to get human friends. . Get unique Paper on topic "Books are our best friends".

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