Best gel pens for coloring books

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best gel pens for coloring books

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Most people either prefer markers or colored pencils to work within their coloring books for adults but both of those groups also like to supplement their work with gel pens, particularly if you want to highlight an area with a glitter or metallic effect. For the lift of markers, you should store them horizontally so the ink stays evenly distributed and has a consistent flow. Gel pens are exceptions and should be stored vertically with tips pointing up. The bronze, browns, and golds in this set are spectacular to use on metal objects in your coloring and blend really well. I find this wet enough that if you are quick and hold both pens in your hand you can blend them as you work being VERY careful not to smear of course They work spectacularly well with the techniques that Cher Kauffman shares in the video at the end of this article for intermediate to advanced gel pen coloring techniques. If you happen to live near a Costco check to see if they are carrying these pens. They are numbered and have color names.
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How to Color, Blend, and Care for your Gel pens using ColorIt Gel Pens

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It is portable and allows you to display all the shades. Great set, good for fine line coloring also! In addition to all of this, each set of pens comes with its own storage tray. Prns Product Price.

Gel pens can resist this analysis. I have contacted my rep at Gelwriter pens to find out. Uniform dots, non-uniformed ones. Are you a fan of gel pens for coloring.

Love the color variety. Fruity color. Love to use these pens for teaching and writing, allows you to color code without having to worry about scribbling our mistakes. I can admit that I am actually a left-handed person.

Can Ofr use the black refill in the pink barrel pen. Cons Run out of ink fast Some pen tips may shred paper. These are great for any artwork style. Point size.

AmazaPens 24 Colored Gel Pens 3. Jinhao fountain pen. Plus, the transparent packaging does not need a lot of space when in use. If you happen to live near a Costco check to see if they are carrying these pens.

Bring your artistic vision to life with the right tools. Wing Sung pen. Choosing between broad and fine tips depends on what you like to color. It is deeply pigmented and flows on the page with a minimum of fuss.

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Drawing pencils. We know how hard it is … Read More. Good, as expected. Pros The range of colors is gorgeous Have refills Free-flowing application No leaking through paper Long-lasting ink Sold at a very good price. Let us know below.

There is an enormous amount of options on the market when it comes to gel pens. The wide variety of gel pens also make it hard for us to know which gel pens will suit our needs. All of the gel pens featured in this list are of high quality and some of the most popular gel pens on the market. The Everyday essentials gel pens allow the ink to flow freely and thus allows for a precise and sharp application. The Pack comes with 70 premium gel pens as well as with a container to store your pens. These pens also come in a see-through storage pack with a small slot for each pen.


Secret Service maintains the International Ink Library. Do they include the white and clear pens in that set? Plus, the transparent packaging does not need a lot of space when in use. You are safe when you use this gel pen set for your art work.

This rubber protection prevents the pens from sliding out and getting lost. I have no idea. Check Here. Can I use the black refill in the pink barrel pen.

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  1. Drawing pencils. Now you can grow up as an artist when you turn to this gel pen color pack. Hi, I like to color using neon gel pens in neon coloring books. Scented gel pens.

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