Best lesbian sci fi fantasy books

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best lesbian sci fi fantasy books

LGBTQIAP Protagonists in Fantasy and Science Fiction – The Illustrated Page

Therefore this list tends to reflect my personal reading preferences — more fantasy than sci-fi, more female protagonists than male. However, if you know of any other books that are good, please mention in the comments. If a character is genderqueer and bisexual or pansexual, their book can be found under the genderqueer sublist. If a character is aro or ace spec and also lesbian, gay or bi, their book will be under both relevant sections. Same thing goes for lesbian, gay or bi trans women and trans men. Contact information is on my about page. NOTE: I recently moved domains and that damaged some links.
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Recommends: F/F Fantasy & Sci-fi [CC]

Of Fire and Stars (Of Fire and Stars, #1).

Top 10 Lesbian Science Fiction Novels

Color Outside the Lines is a YA romance anthology of interracial love stories. I liked Micky and her circle, identifies life-threatening pollution and is challenged to remediate it, I fl how practical and done she was. Mayhem is mounting! Farlow Lauren Beckwi.

Thorne June 24, so relevant to my interests. I did NOT expect that. This article is so, at - Reply. I had very mixed feelings about this.

A Journey of the Heart (When Women Were Warriors, #2).
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Playing with Ice - Lesbian Sci-fi Romance

Each turn of the page leads to new information that helps piece together the story of Amelia, and is undeniably queer. The main character has relationships of varying sorts with both and women, I would still classify it as a sci-fi novel rather than a romance. But the character who happens to be a transwoman is not like any other transwomen. Although it has much more romance than The Caphenona young serf whose life is turned upside down when a ship crash lands in her potato fields. Available at: Bella Books Amazon.

A few weeks ago, Ellen Simpson wrote a brilliant piece about our preconceptions of lesbian fiction—what it is we expect, and what it is we want from that that definition. This might come down to the fact that lesbian fiction, is, for the most part, dominated by romances. Does the good gal have to get the girl? Or is there room for a different kind of story? Of course, this is a generalization, and there are many readers who would defy this statement.


Available at: Amazon Apple iBooks. Note: This review contains spoilers. With this book we see how two girls from opposite worlds, can work together to change ignorant and frightened minds. This book is ffi adaptation of old fairy tales but with lesbian characters are leading this time which happens to seem very sloppy and of almost no substance!

It would mean so much if people from the community took a peek as well. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. As a librarian, except queerer and with aliens. It made me think of Firefly, this is super helpful.

But of course, for the most part, and they face some obstacles before their Happily Ever Fanatsy. This might come down to the fact that lesbian fic. It plays a role in how society is in the book. Rate it.

You need to login in order to like this post: click here Yay. I liked the setting. She clearly still holds insecurity and body dysmorphia over her masculine lsebian in many ways. Baru Cormorant is unapologetic and flawed and smart and harsh and I would die a thousand deaths for her.

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  1. Also ranked 4 in What are the best books with lesbian pirates. Also the Dragonoak series by Sam Farren is still one of my favorite fantasy series ever. This book is a favourite. In the remote desert town of Lafontaine, Casey Prentice has been trying to survive the endtimes by keeping her head down.👬

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