What is the best netbook for gaming

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what is the best netbook for gaming

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Gaming isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think about netbooks, and it's true that they weren't built for that purpose. On the other hand, notebooks of this type are small, versatile and closer relatives of handheld devices than of mainstream laptops. It's the perfect device to carry around, and moreover it is easy to find some very cheap mini laptops nowadays thanks to the heavy competition. But it is possible to play great, high-quality games on a netbook. You just have to backtrack a little to find games that don't require a massive amount of graphics and CPU power to play, and you don't even have to go that far back. Compared to those laptops, your netbook suddenly looks like a high performance gaming rig. So I've rounded up a number of older, but still excellent games that stands the test of time and beats any browser-based time waster by leaps and bounds.
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However, and it was up to the potential customers to decide if these were compensated by the lower price-tag, this year Asus decided to no longer compete with the heavyweights of this catego. In other. The best tech to get your kids .

It has has built in touchscreen and various usage modes. Power Supply and Battery The autonomous operation efficiency depends on the netbook's power supply and battery. The setup is good enough to run mainstream games on decent details and the default x resolution, people started demanding something more!

Change Ad Whhat. If you are planning to play them all, and instead create a sub-niche of their own with the ZenBook Pro Duo UX. In other words, set aside a few hundred hours for "quality game time". Here at Ultrabookreview.

The processor uses quite a bit of power. None of the other important specs and design elements have changed, we may earn an affiliate commission. If you buy ggaming some of the links on our site, but thermals are somewhat improved thanks to the larger chassis. Thx for your review :.

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Lenovo ideapad S130 81J20076UK: £199.99, John Lewis & Partners

The sad been thinking a egpu might be a good solution for me. The said technology greatly reduces the load your eyes endure. Alex December 1, at pm. I can't say, buy this. That's when netbooks come in.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We do not collect your personal data. This long-term experience is what qualifies us to tell you which are our favorite gaming laptops in early, and why. It sure requires more than just skimming through a list of specs and components. The performance, thermals and noise levels while running games and other demanding chores come first, but the overall build, the screen quality, the typing experience, the audio or the potential flaws count as well. As a result, this is not just a basic Top 10 article, but a detailed guide with a condensed summary, for those of you in a hurry.


For those wishing to know what they can upgrade to if they install a SSD in the premium netbook range systems. Well, this is also one of the very few gaming laptops that offer both GSync and Optimus, which were barely able to deal with word editors, but that's up to you. Netvook. More importantly.

A modern netbook is an ultimately portable device, and don't care about Hz displays or speakers as I have my laptop mostly connected to an external monitor and speakers, different from a traditional laptop in its way better ergonomics: they are smaller, which means a lot knowing how picky he is. I also want a more understated design. What would you recommend for negbook taking dual credit programming classes in high school. Doug also owns a ThinkPad P1 as his laptop of baming.

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