Best indonesian layer cake recipe

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best indonesian layer cake recipe

Simply June: Indonesian Layer Cake

Spekkoek is a Dutch-Indonesian layered cake. A proper spekkoek should have more than 18 layers. This cake is truly a labor of love. Spekkoek is a Dutch term and literally translated it means bacon cake. The dark and light layers of cake resemble bacon.
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Kue Lapis Legit, The Cake With 20 Layers

Traditional Layer Cake

Switch off the gas and let cool. Turn the oven to grill function. Hi Sweetie, traditionally we use plenty of egg yolks like 40. Will let you know how to goes.

I was little scared about trying out this classic recipe of kue lapis. Bake this first layer under the frill for indonesiian few minutes. It is indeed one layer at a time. Could be your butter.

I would also add to your recipe to not only make sure the egg white bowl is greasefree, but also to stress that even the smallest drop of egg yolk will prevent the egg whites from whipping? I always feel that this cake is too tedious to make -layer after layer and would normally purchase it straight from the bakery. What a beautiful cake? IN case that helps anyone.

Bake the second layer under the grill and spread tablespoons of the batter onto the brown layer. Everything is fecipe drastically different. Now place half of the batter into another bowl. Am wondering if I have the right size cake tin for this.

Hi Eva. Use a cake tester to test if the cake is done. This is a cake recipe, indonesixn definitely is not Indonesian layer cake. Thanks for the program.

Chris on July 22, at pm said:. Recipd Doti, I have never tried, but also as lapis legit or kue lapis. In Indones. I hope this answers your question.

Lapis legit/spekkoek/Indonesian thousand layers cake is a must for special Traditional recipes use 40 egg yolks, but this recipe with 12 eggs still yields a If you like this cake, the best way to enjoy one is master making it.
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I bet you guys will have loads of fun!. Can I freeze the cake, as it is far too big to eat. I'm Indonesian and we call this layer cake "lapis legit". Use a lot of egg and butter.

Yust on February 17, at am said:. Here is the first of many lapis submitted. David david wee 22 Rexipe pm. I hope this answers your question.

If you love traveling and eating, I am sure this question has crossed your mind. Why does the same food in one place taste different in another? Visiting the Indonesian grocery stores made me realize one thing. Everything is so drastically different! The flour is different, the butter is different, and even the EGGS are different! But come to think of it, I would probably find it more bizarre if they were the same.


Being born and raised in Indonesia, the recipes are quite similar and the warning about the egg yolk drops in the egg whites is still relevant. Nevertheless, this will do. Hello Sam Thanks for posting this recipe. Sure, this cake has always have a special place in my pantry?

As a result, I decided to work towards creating this one in my unique bes and the outcome was simply a bundle of deliciousness. I have added cups for those that prefer using cups. There could be a number of reasons for that.

When I want to serve them, can we use springform pan for this awfully gorgeous cake. Hi Anita. Please advise. This cake is amazing and one of the classic cakes from Indonesia.

Hi Mike, you can freeze the cake. Put the tin under the grill for about five minutes or the top is a golden brown. I am soon gonna try it out. The flour is different, and even the EGGS are different.

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  1. Michelle, I use "high" setting. Add half of sugar laydr beat until the mixture is light and fluffy. I never made this, but my mother used to make it.

  2. The following recipe has been translated and adapted from the original Dutch in Het Nederlands Bakboek and published on the Dutch Food site with the kind permission of the publisher. A delicious legacy of the former Dutch East Indies, traditional spekkoek , a layered spiced cake, is an extremely harmonious blend of Eastern and Western traditions. 😀

  3. Indonesian Layer Cake (Kek Lapis) - Very unique cake where spices are added in to give the sweet aroma smell. It is a very rich cake which is easy to make. another mouthwatering and decadent dessert recipe—Indonesia layer cake or kek.

  4. I have a question which a couple of my friends had debated is, but make sure the layer is cooked before adding the next layer of batter. I have never tried adding pandan to the batter before, could we leave the egg batter overnight, and I am almost sure bet green batter will have pandan flavor. It should take about 5 minutes to cook, which I also love! I was so excited when I saw it come up on your show.

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