Best way to take notes on a book

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best way to take notes on a book

How to Take Better Notes: The 6 Best Note-Taking Systems

I read a lot of books. But more important than adding to my bookshelf or being able to say I read the latest New York Times Bestseller, I want what I read to stick. I want come away from each book I read as a different person than I was when I started it. First, I create a new MindNode file on my iPhone and put an image of the cover in the center. I usually do an image search for the book title in Safari and save the highest quality version I can find to my camera roll, then attach it to the center node in my MindNode file. Next, I take a moment to look at the Table of Contents in the book so I get a feel for the general outline. One of the things I like about MindNode is that each new node gets its own color.
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how to take notes from a novel

In many high school and college classes, instructors assign reading material that may be extensive and challenging. You might need help reading a work of fiction for your literature class, or a non-fictional biography for your history course.

How to Take Better Notes: The 6 Best Note-Taking Systems

You may want to draw a simple comic strip to show a specific event or interaction between people. Researching for other purposes. Grad school entails a ton of reading. Keep your outline balanced by including the same number of subpoints for each major point.

Have you ever read a book passage that you're certain could one day be applicable to your life. Research what you do not understand e. There are also a number of apps that can help you to store and recover information effectively. The short answer.

However, how much you take biok seems to depend on how you take notes. One of the most rewarding parts of finishing a book is taking the time to discuss it with a fellow reader. Don't assume you can "multitask," such as surf the internet or watch TV while you read? Research shows that students who took notes by hand, using pen and paper.

Wait until it feels right - in some cases, you might begin after a just few pages. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Choose a chair or reading position that is comfortable, but make sure it won't cause you to feel sleepy while you read. You do this by becoming a really good listener.

Taking Notes While Reading

It will also improve your recall of the material in the book, since you it will give you a reference for the material you need ttake learn. Regardless of whether you want to copy the notes onto index cards or type them up, this method has two main benefits. The resulting notes are legible and can be sorted and reorganized with a few clicks. Store pdfs of articles, and voice notes of your thoughts.

Definitely not. A highlighter is not an evil tool, in general. If you know, but it is often misus. More posts!

You'll have more to study. Updated: March 29, What did the authors study. Avoid plagiarism and practice comprehension by taking notes in your own words.

These words may be useful when writing an essay about the book, or they may be terminology that you need to know for a test. The answer here depends on a few variables. Conduct a final check of your notes for mistakes or omissions. For tips from our English co-author, like how to prepare for taking bbest on a book.

Heading off to college is kind of like leveling up in a video game. In high school, the tests and courses were smaller bosses that you could take down with low-level equipment. This is a whole new adventure, my dude. One of the tools you have at your disposal is your notes. Maybe in high school you were pretty good at taking notes, and now you just need to upgrade them a little bit. Never fear!


As you read, ask a teacher and reword the text so you can understand it. Why is it important to combine your textbook notes with your classroom notes. If you don't understand what the text means, engage with the text. Share Flipboard Email.

We take notes for the purpose of creating value. Organize your notes in a meaningful way. Those who still write may simply take a photo to scan in with Evernote or Notebloc smartphone App. Tara Kuther, a professor at Western Connecticut State University.

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