Boston globe best books of 2015

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boston globe best books of 2015

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Two Honor Books may be named in each category. The winning titles must be published in the United States but they may be written or illustrated by citizens of any country. The awards are chosen by an independent panel of three judges who are annually appointed by the Editor of the Horn Book. Fiction Nonfiction Picture Book. In captivating paintings full of movement and transformation, Tamaki follows a young girl through a year or a day as she examines the colors in the world around her. Egg yolks are sunny orange as expected, yet water cupped in her hands isn't blue like they say.
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2015 Boston Globe–Horn Book Awards for Excellence in Children’s Literature

Prof. Fountain’s book, “The Betrayal,” makes The Boston Globe’s “Best Books of 2015”

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Bosto illustrations bursting with color match the vibrant personality of Little Thunder, rich relationship between a boy and his grandfather who stay connected even when they are apart. Starting with H. Loss is reimagined, a little boy with a big personality who is in search of a new nickna. I came home!

The top books in fiction, nonfiction, children, young adult, mystery, and sports.
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