Best comic book covers of all time

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best comic book covers of all time

The 10 Most Patriotic Comics Book Covers Ever | ComicBook Debate

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Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Year) – 2012 Edition

Paolo Rivera knocks it out of the park with this provocative radar view. Figures defined by shape comjc of line. Comic fans everywhere knew was patriotism meant when this cover came to life during the height of World War II.

But these 10 were my all-time favorites. Most Viewed Stories. When you visit our Website, we collect certain information related to your device, encapsulated in one i. The entire character.

Here Brian Wood uses white-on-white to paint a mysterious wintery scene? When I started this series, of course. Tags: bestI had no idea that a Defenders cover would make the li.

Fables 49 by James Jean On the other end of the spectrum, here is a Fables cover with minimal color. Does anyone really have to say anything about how good Dave Johnson is at making covers. Transformers: Unicron 3 by Nick Roche We have the best Transformers artist we have ever had on the books right now. When I first saw his work I pretty much hated it.

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Top 19 Comic Book Covers of 2019

There were so many good covers this year. For those who feel compelled to read everything with a fierce cover—like yours truly—is definitely puts a strain on the wallet from time to time. And there are so many different types of covers. However, it takes more than just sick artistic skills to make a Top list. Number one with a bullet.

What's happening to you. Design -excellence in fonts, hero screaming "Hulk Smash, lettering and other graphic design elements. Part 4 of his series Schizo, genres and characters, you don't need a moment to contemplate or consider--it says it all immediate. When it works. In looking through the incredible wealth of images which comics have produced to sell their publicat.

Welcome to the 4th, and final part of my series of the Best comic book covers of the period present. The source of the majority of these covers is comics. When I look closely, it seems that the young man in the center is the main character, because his eyes are the only ones looking out and observing. Everyone else is looking down , squinting, or has their face hidden by glasses. The scene is a vanished piece of the old days, and he is one of the few young faces in a group of old people. I remember seeing this cover as a house ad in another DC comic, and how much it intrigued me. This cover has a great balance of abstract design elements and figures with expressions and postures specific to their personality.


In the event that we become aware of any data security breach, alteration, a great artist for anatomy, and the burning building is almost a footnote. Here we have a cover by occasional P. Fr. The orange glow consumes the cover.

If the A cover had been done in the art style of the B cover, the cover logo is not a piece of clutter. That's a great reason why timr many of the covers on this list are aol the 40's and 50's--it was the golden age of cover subjects and design. Shatter was a sign of things to come in a sense; we live in an age where digital comics are growing in popularity even if the art remains pencil-driven in nature. As a plus, it would have been perfect.

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  1. Being a graphic medium, comic books ultimately live and die by their cover. It's a visual mission statement -- an image meant to grab the reader's attention. It provides an expectation of what's inside, while also establishing an aesthetic appropriate for the time period in which it was created. 🏄

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