Best tea cake cookie recipe

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best tea cake cookie recipe

Old Fashioned Tea Cakes - Southern-Style Like Grandma's!

Like sweet biscuits, they are a little like cake, a little like cookies. My Nanny had a gift. She had a sixth sense that allowed her to know when guests were coming up the driveway. I remember when I realized this — and learned something important about her. I was in junior high and we were traveling the 2 hours to her house for a visit. For whatever reason, it was after 10 pm when we got there. We are not a family that went places late so it stands out in my mind.
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How To Make Southern Style Tea Cakes

Nanny’s Old Fashioned Tea Cakes

And, You can frost these and decorate the Tea Cakes if you wish, the absolute best cornbread dressing ever made! Hi Sheri, Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Hi Rachel. Your Email Address.

And I remember the words. I love how you and your Dad kept at trying to perfect the recipe, oh and the bite marks are just priceless? I would love to know how they come out for you. Just make sure to double if you want a larger quantity.

Our Grannies were able to successfully bake them from a memorized recipe or one scrawled on the back of an envelope. I am now following you on twitter. In fact, in making this recipe I HAD to eat three. Do not overwork the dough.

In the U. These classic cookies are a family favorite. They sound really good though. Thank you sooo much for sharing.

This Tea Cake Recipe is part of a Southern Tradition

Thanks for the precious memories, too. It made my day and I know it would have made my mother-in-law happy, I nest up the two cakes and Caroline asked what I had made for her. My dad bakes these tea cakes for my children now every time they visit. I grew up in Ochlocknee…very familiar with Colquitt. When it was dessert time the night we got there, L.

Printable recipe is at the bottom of this post. Hope you get to try them soon! She would serve them warm, straight out of the oven, to her ten kids and whoever happened to be around when they were done. If your grandma made the soft version, here ya go. As for me and my house, this level of sweetness is about as perfect as it can be. I have found four SD cards so far and looked on every single one of them multiple times but no pictures.

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  1. It still the way I love them today. Thanks for the recipe and hello from SitsSharefest? Southern Tea Cakes have an incredibly powerful and colorful history within the African American community? These old-fashioned Southern Teacakes are one of those old recipes!🤟

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