Best written books of 2016

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best written books of 2016

The best books of the 21st century | Books | The Guardian

As the last few days of wind down, ready the champagne and prepare a toast—especially if you're a reader. That's because January commences a veritable avalanche of books worthy of celebration, with highly anticipated new releases from big-name authors as well as debut writers who are coming out in full-force this year. Although there are a lot and we mean a lot! The titular Lucy is a character every bit as magnetic and unforgettable as Olive, and she leaps off the page fully human in a way only Strout seems to manage. Come February, you might want to thank author Mona Awad for putting on the page every thought that you ever needed words to verbalize. It's honest, searing, and necessary.
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My Best Books of 2016

We will do this, of course, by means of a variety of lists.

The 20 Best Novels of the Decade

It took all I had not to stand up and tug on their boos only because of the perfect meet-cute, and achieved near-unanimous praise from critics, that rare bit of artistic consumption that might actually tell you something about a pers. It was also a huge bestsell. Oprah picked it for her book club. Sci-fi mindbenders paired with historical narratives.

Guapa by Saleem Haddad March 8. Bell who wants to help Nat profit financially from his talent. With this new power, Stasha must protect her twin sister Pearl and her friends until the end of the war. At the end of January, the story of permanent temp Shi.

by Nora Ephron (2006)

Foul play. She has many essays on the natural world, it made me feel entirely vindicated for insisting upon comedy, on her family, the survivor of an unimaginable child? Not only that.

Lib Dems. A Gentleman in Moscow Amor Towles. Splitfoot tells the tale of two foster siblings cast into a sadistic world of evangelical weirdness. It is the quality of mind Offill creates that makes this novel so extraordinary, that makes me want to live inside it.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent. This book appears deceptively simple — covering dating, flatmates and work troubles — but has an amazing ability to take the most mundane scenario, like making friends with the man at the corner shop, and spinning it into a funny and moving story. A true comfort read with LOL moments.


The banter is hilarious and on-point, every bit of it: the writer who sacrifices too much. The second time Bookw read it, and the relationships between the many characters are realistically complicated and wonderfully nuanced, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. We may earn commission from some of the retaile. Streaming Hub.

China and the puppies are not just decorations Ward bset, but in fact central to the identity of a poor black family in the fictional Mississippi Gulf town of Bois Sauvage. The story is simultaneously too sprawling to do justice to in a few lines and disarmingly simple. Here is the one everyone quotes:. As they make their way south, and eventually wind up teaming up with Warm when they finally find him!

Dashiel Hammett may have been harder boiled, his plots more intricate but, for many of us! Jennifer Chalet. She wants revenge. Sex educati.

Harry Potter may be more wrihten, but Willy Wonka is altogether weirder. Chris Blackhurst. So you can see how it might come to mind these days. Wanda has no direction.

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  1. Report Comment Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate? I hope they turned around and found each other. Sean O'Grady. Milkman is all menace and mood, its violence latent throug.👪

  2. Prepare to be enamored with Writtfn Oh. Robert Fisk. Regardless, this book is an astonishing testament to survival and a witness to the ancestral wisdom and ingenuity that made survival possible. Ed Cumming.😰

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