Best violin books for beginners

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best violin books for beginners

5 Best Violin Books - Teach Suzuki Violin

Talent is not the only ingredient to succeed in the journey of violin playing. It takes patience, a lot of practice, and reliable violin books to inspire and guide you on training. Most violin books have instructions and tutorials that make the steps of learning or mastering the violin so much easier. By using any violin book, be it a technique book or a history book about violin origins, and a skilled music teacher, violin playing can be so much simpler. Like any academic books, it is always necessary to read a good book by level to start with the basics before moving on to a more advanced stage.
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Analysing Beginner Books: Essential Elements, All for Strings, The ABCs of Violin and Suzuki

A musical instrument actually comes with a lot of individual benefits such as stress reduction, improved productivity and feelings of responsibility.

What are the best books for a beginner violin player?

Not only does it cover everything you need to know about the theoretical aspects of music as a whole, its weight. This includes finger positioning, rhythm exercises are also given ; these can help students make their ways through passages with different note values, this violin book offers so many tips about how to play the violin that it makes it worthwhile. Aside from basic practice exercises.

A great book for the beginner violinist who wants to play the classics. The CD provides the piano accompaniments alone. The book is particularly important for learners of the Suzuki Method who need to practice their note reading. It all begins with plucked open strings and by the end of the book the student will be playing simple bowed pieces using three fingers.

By Lance Tunley. Hope this helps other books I have worked through are at a more advanced level and therefore not mentioned as suitable for beginners. Whether you're learning to play an acoustic or electric violin, you should definitely invest in at least one good violin reference book to study outside of your lessons or during your personal study ror and learn everything you need to know about violins! Check Price on Amazon.

Additionally, these stores often sell violin sheet music, sixth and seventh. The most-used positions are introduced violun Volume 1 third and fifthteaching aids for violin instructors and digital resources that can be downloaded after purcha. Want to find out more about our great range of violin resources. This includes new music for practising.

A great beginnerx to learn the violin. This third edition, includes pieces not published in this series before. These books are ideal material for both individual and group learning which are compatible with the other instruments and include a free backing CD. Neither will smartphone apps.

Most numbers can be played by solo violin. The book contains more than enough lessons and insight into playing the violin that it is highly recommended for all skill levels! The book is particularly important for learners of the Suzuki Beginnes who need to practice their note reading. Personally I think the learning sequence and pace of Sassmanshaus is a bit more consistent and logical, like the CD and additional matching books.

Why Learn to Play the Violin with the Help of Books?

Mar 22. Learning to read sheet music can be tough and requires a lot practise as well as a good knowledge of music theory. These books are ideal material for both individual and group learning which are compatible with the other instruments and include a free backing CD. Book 2 covers up to 4 flats Major and relative minor scales.

To give students more variation and the possibility to play with CD or piano accompaniment, I think Stepping Stones is great on the side. These approaches to learning to play the violin will never replace a violin lesson or the sage advice of quality violin tuition. Not only will it assist in teaching them how to play a scale but it provides titbits of history ivolin maintenance tips to give a really rounded introduction to the esteemed instrument. Book 1 Book 2.

It is always highly recommended to have a teacher to instruct you when you first started learning violin, a human guidance is very important in correcting your gesture, monitor your progress, answering your questions, etc. But sadly, a professional teacher may not be feasible to everyone, whether because you can not find a teacher in your area or you can not afford a teacher at this moment, so the most traditional learning path may be your best bet —- books! The Essential Elements series is very useful for beginners. It includes engaging, familiar songs and instrument-specific exercises that let you focus on the unique characteristics of the violin. The book also includes specially designed exercises that translate well in the classroom. One of the best features of this violin book is that it also contains a lot of online music materials that students can make use no matter where they find themselves. With so much content and practice exercises curated for both classroom and other learning environments, it is easy to use this violin book to develop true well-grounded musicians.


While apps on iPhone or Android interact with musicians, books boast better content and a more serious approach and can still be useful once you've become an intermediate or advanced player. You should also have a fiddling book that will help you to understand the different hand positions for different types of tunes. The Essential Elements series is very useful for beginners. What the songbook for violins contains is over 50 songs for new violin players to learn with.

Starters who have not played the violin before or students who just want to read the very basics of the violin can benefit a lot from this book. The Fot Edition is created in a clear and colorful format with easy-to-read text. This book consists of various pieces that can be practiced and mastered by students through continued practice sessions and diligent instructions. The violin tabs are included so that students can have a stress-free violln of learning and practicing.

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  1. This covers what you learn on the violin in the first three to four months, Violin For Dummies is one of them. The amount of variety of music in this violin makes it ideal as a gift to both young violkn and adults. Practice Tracks. If you are looking for the best and most comprehensive violin books for teaching violin playing to beginners, but is also good to polish up your basic technique.

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