I want to be famous essay

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i want to be famous essay

Would you like to be famous? | EnglishClub

If you are a famous person all the people believe you have a wonderful life with no worries or problems. But, to my mind being famous have both advantages and disadvantages. The greatest advantage is that celebrities are usually very rich and they have easier lifes than other people. They live in beautiful enormous houses mantained by housekeepers, gardeners, cooks and many servants. Secondly, being a celebrity bring them such privileges as not pay in restaurants, travel a lot around the world and they can also afford the best clothes and drive the latest models of fast and luxurious cars. However, being famous involve a lot of disadvantages. For example, they can?
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Being Famous Essay. Almost everyone dream about being famous and popular. Most people would like to be admired and loved by others who surround them.

I want to be famous

Thompson's Class. I'm 29 I've come to the realization that I'll never be moving to New York and getting famous, but if I had the chance I'd be there in a second. Of course fame is nice at the start but as it goes for a longer time it can damage your whole well-being. I wonder why other people that write songs don't become famous.

Which of those people who were famous then are still essag now? Not sure Retake The Quiz. I think that One Direction fans don't know that.

Essay about Almost Famous: Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll

The Problem of Fame

I f you were watching TV sometime in the mids, you might remember a little girl who won a competition. You'll remember it if you saw it, and if you were a child and had eyes you'll have seen it, because there was nothing else to watch on Saturday mornings, except TV-AM and racing from Doncaster. The reason it made such an impression was that she seemed at the time anomalous, an apparently normal eight-year-old with a bizarre desire — to sing on television. There were abnormal eight-year-olds like Bonnie Langford , who looked as if they ran on batteries and talked about "the business" and did the splits while being interviewed by adult talkshow hosts. There were child movie stars like Michael J Fox.

Go for famouw passion girly. We love your thoughts about becoming famous, the earliest I can remember coming to grips with the concept of fame was back when I first gained a healthy obsession with professional athletes. I dont want to be forgotten. For me, Jonathan Rand who wrote the Chillers books. Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter series, Antonio.

The concept of being famous has always intrigued me. The idea that a person could become so universally well-known that they would have trouble, say, walking down a street, or using public transportation, or going to a grocery store, or a bar, or anywhere , really, without being mobbed by fans is… intriguing to me. My perspective on fame has shifted over the years, and perhaps yours has as well. For me, the earliest I can remember coming to grips with the concept of fame was back when I first gained a healthy obsession with professional athletes. From an early age, I would watch and emulate all of my favorite sports heroes.


Wonderopolis May 15, pop star and actor. Last year, Wonderopolis N. Thank you so much for sharing this with us today.

If I'm lucky my double visions see's women with four tits. Thanks, Alex. Be the first to know. It usually is a surprise, too.

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