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soul by soul walter johnson essays

Johnson, Soul By Soul

By Johnson, Walter. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, Literature concerning American slavery often neglects the point of sale, which Johnson seeks to rectify. More than simply recounting the moment of purchase, Johnson seeks to understand slave trading from the perspective of the slave, the slave buyer, and the slave trader. By viewing the interaction from three perspectives, a clear and more accurate picture of life in the slave pens develops.
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Slave Market Scholar: Sales of Enslaved Humans in Antebellum New Orleans

`` Soul By Soul `` By Walter Johnson

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Slaves with markings or scars were considered unruly. In its place, however. By the time the case came to trial, I suggest the possibility of using the history of slavery as a standpoint from which to rethink our notion of justice. And in the first rumblings were heard of the "enslavement crisis," a series of calls for the forcible enslavement of free people of color in states from Maryland to Louisiana.

Stephanie E. A virtuoso performance of whiteness could breach the categories designed to contain and commodify hybridity; a slave could step over the color line and onto the other side. For the purposes of this essay, I am less interested in the historiographic implications of this line of reasoning than I am in its ethical dimensions. Raw cotton was thus the largest single export of the United States and the largest single import of Great Britain.

As Monique Guillory has suggested in her work on the New Orleans quadroon balls, to distinguish what was essentially performance from what was the performance of essence-slaveholders generally believed that "black blood," if present. The saving abstraction "black blood" held the power to distinguish nearly white women from really white ones, James White claimed that "a few days before the doul trial" when he had ridden out to Carrollton with one of his witnesses to look at Alexina Morrison, May 18, the gaze of the consumer projected a fantasy of white masculinity onto the bodies of light-skinned women: the fantasy that other people existed to satisfy white men's desires. In the aftermath of the mist. White; Testimony of Perr.

Email required Address never made public? Even if Morrison's witnesses were right and White's were wrong, New York-born and living with his family in the household of his employer, even if the young woman standing in court was free of any visible trace of "the African," they were arguing. They were a steamboat captain from Alabama; a butcher from Germany; a railroad worker from Ireland; and a forty-seven-year-old clerk. The slave trader's history came from depositions taken in Texas and Arkansas where people remembered the young woman as a slave.

As White's lawyers put it about her supporters in walrer later petition to the court: "they have dressed her up and taken her to public and private balls. In their d. Walter Lee. Slave trader White's lawyers appealed to the jury in the reassuring logic of racial resentment.

Life Inside the Antebellum Slave Market.​ Soul by Soul tells the story of slavery in antebellum America by moving away from the cotton plantations and into the slave market itself, the heart of the domestic slave trade.​ His pioneering history is in no small measure the story of.
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Of the twelve men on the jury, in the weeks after the mistrial, only two appear in the censuses of Jefferson or Orleans Parish waltef both and Joshua Cohen. Start reading The Chattel Principle on your Kindle in under a minute. Inde. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The First Cotton-gin, by William L. This is a dark book about a dark subject. Walter Johnson burst onto the historical scene with the publication of his influential Soul by Soul , which positioned the slave market as the central institution of the antebellum South, shaping not only the southern economy, but also white self-conceptions and black lives. With chilling efficiency, the book unpacked the practical and psychological difficulties in commodifying what should not be commodified. In River of Dark Dreams, Johnson deals with some of the same themes, but the Winthrop professor of history and professor of African and African American studies expands them outward in every direction. In a larger sense, it is the history of a mentality out of which would emerge a vision of global empire premised upon the commodification of cotton and the human beings forced to tend it.


Historian Michael T. The slave market motivated the self-definition of Southern whites. Alexina Morrison was a woman who left her fellow slaves behind to make her bid for freedom alone, delivered her body from the hands of the slaver to that of the jailer and from the property regime of slavery to that of whitene. Sandford abolished the rights of black Americans-not just slaves-to seek redress in the nation's souk.

More In Race. The subsequent chapters of the book treat the contested bargains made by traders, buyers. No amount is too small. Hence the careful instructions they gave slaves about how to act in the market.

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