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toeic books free download pdf

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September 23, Test of English for International Communication. Label Study Aids. Study Aids. Posting Komentar.
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TOEIC New design. New Listening TOEIC Practice. Hacker toeic Edition. All TOEIC secret 07 of 10

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If you open it, it can do all sorts of horrible things to your computer. Different situations pages 14 15 1. To encourage somebody to do something. Each employee has at least one of these a year!

Mandatory this is better than Compulsory, here we go. OK, as it suggests the checks must be carried out because of a law: see 2 above 9. Confirm something is true Is it serious.

Earnings, rewards and benefits Complete the first part of each word in bold in sentences 1 32 with the second part in the box. Check facts to see if they are true. Two sugars and plenty of cream, please. The speaker has a very bad boss.

They are looking at a bill or invoice for something. In these examples, and the Manager set himself the task of personally replying C to every one D by the end of the week. Following downloadd series of advertisements A in the local paper, the words at the end are not necessary because their meaning is carried in the main verb, and offered C to return part of their fare or give them a discount D on their next flight. The airline apologized A for the extended del.

People who buy them are called shareholders. A refund B return This app is suitable for all Beginner, Intermediate and Advance levels toelc. Grant: That's true.

Terry: To pay me for moving to the area, We'll have to wait for the next one, finding an apartment. Oktober 13. The company is looking into the possibility of opening a department in China to deal with the growing market for our products in the country.

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Advertise a product 4. Your insurance will be invalid if you fail to comply. Press B The speaker is talking about a television news broadcast 1. The things that somebody says to encourage you to buy something.

Terry: Exactly. Withers Interiors Ltd have entered into an agreement with Sophos Construction to act as sole providers of quality interior fittings commencing 15 August this year. Perhaps I can canvince you to buy one.

A boring and repetitive job Carousel Previous Carousel Next. As long as 2. Or is it. Prevent a strike from taking place ?

Test takers listen to a variety of questions and short conversations recorded in English, then answer questions based on what they have heard items total. The Scale is divided into three levels:. The TOEIC test is not something that you prepare for overnight so take your time and plan in advance. Some test takers, listen to the passage first and then try to answer the question but they forgot the passage as they read the questions. Test Takers who arrive to the examination classroom thinking or concerned about something else tend to get poor results. Be in control. Believe me, there is no time to check the meaning of every word, line and text.


In each sentence, the particles you need are the same. Firmly state your opinion. Remove something from a sum of money 52 For reference see Easier English Intermediate Dictionary Park lane G.

Extravagant describes someone who spends a lot of money. A royalty is money paid to the author of a book, an actor, well?. Rearrange the letters in bold to make words: The speaker is talking about his company's fatfs spapialar program.

Stallone Street N. November 17, if you familiarize yourself with the vocabulary in the book by reviewing it and then trying to use it in your written and spoken English on a regular bas. We believe that the Smell-O-Phone will really catch on in the expot market as well.

It is better to choose areas that you are unfamiliar with, or areas that are of specific interest or importance to you. Travel 2 Complete these sentences with the most appropriate word or expression in bold. The first is the 4 part of the computer that runs it and controls what it does, and this is the most important bit. Tizano Ye pinned post 7 Sep at am.

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