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Discover the ideal book promotion sites for your price range. Our database is vetted with care so that you can eliminate the scammers, while our tier system is designed to give you a better picture of the sites that tend to deliver the best value for money. Is there a book promotion site we should know about? Submit it here. Note: the tier system is subjective, and built based on our own personal analysis and the opinions found on forums. We recommend all authors to do their own research before committing to a service.
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Published 24.08.2019

Kindle Publishing - How To Use Amazon/Kindle 5 Day Free Promotion

Go to your Bookshelf.

Kindle Free eBook Promotions and Countdown Deals: Are They Worth Doing?

To be honest it takes me hours upon hours to complete but I feel that the effort has been worth it. I submitted my book to every one of these sites that I was able to? Bill, but there's a fee to get 'gold' membership and receive a higher level of exposure, it is a lot of work for. A basic account is free?

Best of luck, Tristan. Something, I should have initially done as a few bad reviews on grammar can impact sales. Should I offer it free straight away. A few reasons why this came about….

I am very excited about this idea and wonder if it would be possible for you to itemise the steps needed from writing the book to seeing it published on Amazon. As everyone knows, an ebook is an author's best marketing tool. Despite the name? Excellent article.

I am currently formatting my book ready for kindle. Paid options include the ability to be promoted to various Facebook groups and to be featured as a banner ad on the site. They are actually trying to convince other authors to buy their books. If you give it away, bok could reduce the total sales and royalties that you could realize.

Free Booksy. With that in mind I went looking for another way to sell, and ran across another outlet which I am trying called BookBaby. They use bots oromotion get you those guaranteed downloads! We will also promote and submit your book to these free ebooks sites prior to your book being free.

It was very helpful, did you build your own site and who is hosting. Indie Book Of The Day. Next Post Morning Coffee - 22 January No really, and it is always good to get some guidance when branching into something ,indle.

Book Promo Site Rankings

I loved any advise at this point. My question is: Where do people go to learn about these free promotions. This is a very helpful article and the benefits of placing your book in Amazon KDP However, if I already market it through Clickbank. I am wondering if I am allowed to sell it on Amazon, you can get a lot more downloads if you submit your book to the book promotion sites that will promote it for free.

More popular genres have a bigger list and therefore cost more. Thank you so much. Access to one of the best free book email lists? As soon as promotion was over my book was kicked down to !!.

Be willing to market. I just updated the list - it is ever changing. So I have not approached another. Free and discounted ebooks.

I always appreciate it. Google provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network. In addition to that, as you alluded. Hello just curious but What are the legal impilcations if your book mentions real life places e.

As everyone knows, an ebook is an author's best marketing tool. You can trade a free ebook for a mailing list signup, or drop the price and rack up a lot of sales. But in order to do that, you'll need to get your ebook in front of potential readers, and that is where paid and free ebook sites come in. The following lists are a compilation of promotion sites, both free and paid. I have not used them all, but I have filtered out the more disreputable companies Inkitt, for example as well as any site that couldn't pass the smell test. I also skipped sites that offered no info on how you could join and promote your work you would be surprised how often that happened.

Again, but I sure hope you guys would verify fref a bit more before recommending a service to your readers, or more downloads to make it have a follow on effect. Many other tools found on the site which may help with your promo efforts, such as a 'bookalyzer'. You can see this in your Amazon Dashboard under Free Borrows. Apparently you need 5. And then the title of the book is a little hard to see on the cover because the black lettering blends in with her black hair and some shadows sometimes.

Heidi Thorne is a self-publishing expert, author of books, eBooks, and audio books. Former trade newspaper editor. These promotions can be launched at no cost to KDP authors, with the exception of forfeiting royalties to offer the Kindle eBook for free. However, the title must be enrolled in KDP Select which requires exclusivity. Exclusivity means that you cannot sell your eBook through your website or on other non-Amazon book selling sites. However, on your website you can link to your Kindle eBook product page on Amazon I'm sure they'd like you to do that!


You have certainly sold me on this idea. One step at a time, and this was a nice first one. I checked every links you have mentioned over here, I found some of the links are not working. The kjndle way to get tons of traffic is Fiverr.

I saved this post to make sure i get to read it lromotion later which i am here now. Feel free to point self published authors my way if they would like to be interviewed. So, could it be that SciFi sells better than any other type of book? They use bots to get you those guaranteed downloads.

My downloads as of this evening: 29, Newbie alert. Great article and amazing information about self publishers. Book covers are usually longer with a shorter width.

If you do venture booj the self publishing and advertising for it, let us know how it goes for you! I came upon this article researching some questions I have had about Amazon and my book sales for Junior Size Faith. You sell millions of hardbacks first and then you might be worth something to amazon. But, I have noticed my sales increasing by a few sales here and there for one of my books?

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  1. This is a guest post from Tristan King, an entrepreneur and writer who recently published his first book on learning langauges on the Amazon Kindle store. What if no one likes my book? After 9 months of writing, the moment had finally arrived to send my book out to the world. 🦱

  2. I am days away from pushing the button myself just getting the book formatted for kindle right now. Lovely Books Lovely Books. Anyone have any thoughts. Just foolow them and they will follow u back and promote your ebook for Free………….

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