Books like drama high series

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books like drama high series

Drama High Book Series:

High school is a near-universal experience to which we can all relate. The result is that hundreds of books have been written about high school…but these are the 50 most essential, the ones who really get it right and have something to say. Add to Bag. Their romance blossoms over the pop culture they love, specifically comic books and mix tapes. Greg wants only to stay completely neutral in high school, and avoid anyone getting mad at him; he just wants to make films with his best friend, Earl. Those clubs where kids are free to find their tribe, or tribes, and bounce around with little to no consequence or commitment?
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My Favorite "Romance" Books!

But little did we know that there are tons of other amazing books like Harry Potter out there — you just have to know where to look! Often hailed as " Harry Potter meets college ," The Magicians follows disillusioned year-old Quentin Coldwater as he comes to discover much, much more than the magic of freshman parties. On the day of his supposed Princeton interview, Quentin instead gets interviewed and accepted to Brakebills — a highly selective university of bona fide sorcery.

The Best Books of 2019

The combination of hilarious words and drawings will have even the most seriss readers laughing their way through another great story from Stephan Pastis. Michela travels through space with her people on an Alliance spaceship commanded by her mother. A brilliantly fun whimsical comedy featuring Tom, what do you think, Seires and their cat who are whisked off to stay with the dreaded aunt. It was not about death any more but had ended up being about … Well.

There's just one problem. There is a huge emphasis on surreal humour in this book. The book's universal appeal is something that is mentioned over and over in reviews, and it is one of the reasons it is so brilliant for engaging reluctant readers. The book centers on classmates Marianne and Connell, who despite their different personalities and circumstances can't seem to leave one another alone.

Books Like 13 Reasons Why

No catches, no fine print just unconditional book loving for your children with their favourites saved to their own digital bookshelf. Alastair Chisholm. Sarah Hagger-Holt. Charlotte Guillain. Katie Tsang, Kevin Tsang.

This is a story of a life both with and without the person you thought was your person, and it broke our heart to watch Rue go through that same struggle for episodes at a time. Voucher Codes! This book is an unflinching portrait of what it's like for a couple to live through the worst kind of trauma-and survive. Shelve Pushing Pause Kenisha Lewis, 1. The book's universal appeal is something that is mentioned over and over in reviews, and it is one of the reasons it is so brilliant for engaging reluctant readers.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world and expert advice. But once again he gets drawn into a sinister investigation and old secrets come to the fore. Superbly written and utterly readable, this novel is a delight from start to finish. Buy now. This coming-of-age novel tells the story of year-old Charlie Lewis and his love affair with a girl he meets when he reluctantly gets involved in a production of Romeo and Juliet.


Black and white illustrations by Tim Wesson add to the all-round appeal. Jean Ure understands exactly what makes ballet such an all-consuming passion for young dancers and conveys that excitement perfectly in Born to Dance, due in no small part to the enchanting but deeply troubled Alaska Young. A gripping story with a draja ending. He finds the crackling existence he wanted, the first in a new series.

A brilliantly lke odd couples comedy from one of our very funniest authors for children. Everyone thinks they know what it's like, going to school? Update newsletter preferences. As a mad-keen footballing family the Foxes have one over-riding wish; that Leicester City can go top of the League.

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