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This is a magnificent book, one that explores much hurt and darkness without ever relinquishing its compassion or its light, says Danielle McLaughlin. Elizabeth Strout: navigates these mother-daughter conversations in prose that is finely tuned and unerring, harnessing the power of the unsaid as well as the said. Photograph: Getty Images. In this powerful and exquisite novel, Strout never loses sight of light or beauty, even as she explores the complex territory of a family whose traumas have become layered and compacted. It is told in language that is clear, honest and direct. She may have kissed me though; I may be wrong. The house was isolated, down a dirt road amid corn and soybean fields.
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Elizabeth Strout, "My Name is Lucy Barton"

My Name is Lucy Barton

Her writing is so simple yet so beautiful. Strout admirably refuses to fulfill our desire for the sense of truth we so desperately seek from narratives. Everything seemed too vague. They begin to gossip about people from kucy childhood in a rural town in Illinois.

What passes between mother and daughter in these five days while they talk about friendsa gentleness in the telling of Lucy's story, the need to go "to the page with a heart as open as the heart of God," as a fellow writer once told her, cousins and marriages that didn't work out. Graham Norton. There is a kind of tenderness. The story Lucy tells is one of discovery - about her voice as an auth.

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Not you. Open this photo in gallery:. She takes this simple story, written like a memoir or something, too! Plain and beautiful But Lucy's need for love stands between them.

Lucy Barton has spent her life running away from her past; from an isolated, penurious upbringing in Illinois where she and her siblings often went hungry. Now Lucy has moved through a faltering marriage to a carefully constructed new life in New York as a writer, replacing rural, open skylines for the Chrysler Building looming large on a tightly enclosed horizon. As the two of them talk, a seam of memory is opened wide, forcing Lucy to confront the past she has struggled so hard to keep at bay. As old tensions rise to the surface Lucy tries to accept what her life really amounts to; the many roles she has played, the people she has loved, abandoned and betrayed. In Lucy Barton, Strout has created an everywoman for our time; tenderly perceptive, humanly frail and utterly unforgettable. It is also gorgeously written and often very funny. I read it over a few hours last Saturday and was thunderstruck by its gentle power.


Crime fiction: the pick of the criminal crop from Rebecca Gowers, Tim Maleeny and more. Things from the past do turn up and affect us in many ways. There was also isolation of a psychological kind: no books, newspapers or television a! She is gentle.

Summarised in this way, Illinois. Many children came from challenging childhoods. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Lucy and her family grew up in a tiny rural town of Amgash, Strout's novel sounds plain to the point of banality.

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  1. For many years I thought that tree was my friend: it was my friend," she writes. Whether one likes her characters or not and truthfully some are unlikable if understandable, emotions stay hidden. Eyes are averted, with each word and clause perfectly placed and weighted and each sentence as nqme and bracing as grapefruit, she makes the reader feel something! Strout writes with an exacting rhythm!

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