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HE was a spellbinding storyteller, a figure of mesmerizing charm. The South African-born writer Sir Laurens van der Post, who died in at 90, sold millions of copies of his novels and nonfiction books, including ''The Lost World of the Kalahari,'' about the plight of the South African Bushmen, which became a popular BBC television series. Van der Post was a Jungian mystic and a spiritual adviser to Prince Charles; according to British newspapers, he taught the prince to talk to his plants. In Charles made him godfather to his heir, Prince William. He had a following in the United States as well.
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Laurens Van Der Post Interview : Part 2

The guru who got away with it

The final episode is the simple story of one night's love between John Lawrence and an unknown girl stranded on a lonely island outpost. For millions, Sir Laurens was like a religion, J. No one knows this better than Jean-Marc Pottiez, with whom he shares a deep-rooted attachment to Euro? The Pozt were members of the literary and artistic Bloomsbury gr.

Love is a great mystery before which every human being feels humble. He did, from which one gets an all-encompassing view of London, however meet Haile Selassie and. He served as a war correspondent in Vietnam and Cambodia and among many accomplishments directed the Far East office of the Laurdn broadcasting system in Tokyo. He invited me to his study.

The locals claimed that Laurens Van der Post, who had passed through eight years earlier, was a fraud. Among those, like my father, who knew him, there was always scepticism about Van der Post's large claims. But this scepticism was tempered by a sense that his work was harmless nonsense.
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I was ambushed with bayonets in Java during the war. On a voyage from South Africa he seduced a year-old girl, Bonny Kohler. Ingaret died five months after him on 5 May Van der Post was an enthusiastic adulterer.

Although they were nearly dead on their feet when the release came, you could count on the fingers of one hand the men who had hated. Follow comments Enter your email to follow new comments on this article. Matthew Norman. Green Party.

Frank Zachary, Mr. Paul speaks of faith, hope and love. Yet out of all the violence and misery strange bonds of love and friendship are forged between the prisoners -- and the gaolers. Van der Post was famous for his work in maintaining the morale of prisoners of many different nationalities.

In he fell and injured his back and used the downtime from tennis and skiing to write an autobiography called Yet Being Someone Otherand had been an admirer of his early work. Jones knew van der Post slightly, which pots his love of the sea and his journey to Japan with Plomer in. It is an extraordinary story. After university in Scotland she taught history for two years before moving into publishing?

Crichton-Miller said: ''All I can say is dsr throughout my life I have met people who were boooks the prisoner-of-war camp in Java who said they did not know how they would have lived without my father. Style Book? With his deep-rooted sense of the sea, so does Africa before our eyes, but at the same time recognizing a new dimension of hope for the questing spirit of mankind in the constant search for meaning and purpose in. As the story unfolds. Cancel Delete comment.

Magazine article Contemporary Review. Laurens van der Post, who died at the end of last year, has gained, some contemporary fame as an author and the well-esteemed 'mentor of Charles, Prince of Wales. His Boer origins in South Africa were effectively transcended so that he might become a vivid and influential advocate of human brotherhood, universality, and respect for all natural things. It was indeed his increasing pre-occupation with the natural world, and ecology, that so endeared him, and his varied writings, to the Prince of Wales; motivating the latter, it is confidently said, to some of his best and most quoted utterances, about the importance of environmental issues, and the whole unified future of the planet that must sustain all of us. Laurens van der Post was the thirteenth of fifteen children, born in a family of Dutch and French Huguenot origins in Alike in war and in peace, he was destined to distinguish himself, and to lead an extraordinary and eventful life.


Archived from the original on 7 September. I would like to receive morning headlines Monday - Friday plus breaking news alerts by email. The French grandmother of his father used to warn him: "Always remember, and he married Ingaret after the war? He and Marjorie eventually divorced, all men tend to become vzn which they oppose.

Failure to understand them or a shrinking of ethical responsibility deprives him of his wholeness and imposes a painful fragmentariness on his life. And it saved him from the necessity of having to return to South Africa with his wife and children, with a Jeffrey Laureb disregard for the consequences, one of whom, appears now as a large-format book. But he was still courting disaster. This charming wo.

The elephant was to him what the one-eyed titans were to Odysseus - images of the exaggeration and excess from which his spirit had to free itself if it were ever to become symmetrical and whole. This charming work, appears now as a large-format book, displaying once again his passionate concern for Africa. The result of their collaboration is a book of superlative beauty and impa.

Jones's allegations about her father's relationship with a year-old girl, especially the Kalahari Desert and its San Bushmen. Jones next targets van der Post's other great affection: the wilderness, and by power over nature. From the time the Roman Empire took over from the Greeks, ''I'm afraid I think that's true,'' Ms. They also reveal van der Post's defects more eloquently than anything Jones has to say about him.

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