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Viking Penguin. In his new thriller, "Dolores Claiborne," Stephen King continues the artistic journey away from the stock horror novel that began with his previous book, "Gerald's Game," which explored childhood sexual abuse and the subjugation of women. The new book takes the form of a monologue spoken to silent police interrogators by the title character, a native of Little Tall Island, Me. Sixty-six-year-old Dolores Claiborne is salty-tongued, hardheaded, outspoken, honest, generous, self-sacrificing and ultimately loving. She insists that she didn't kill her employer, Vera Donovan. George, some 25 years earlier, and thereby hangs her tale, which she plunges into after digressing for a while on the tragicomic tribulations of working for a high-handed, half-senile, erratically continent woman who would periodically suffer terrifying hallucinations of wires streaming out of the woodwork and dust bunnies crawling out from under the bed. As Dolores tells it, her husband, Joe, was a mean, sniveling, lying man who would physically abuse her and then boast about it to his shiftless friends.
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Dolores Claiborne - Book Review -The Bookworm

Dolores Claiborne is a psychological thriller novel by Stephen King. The novel is narrated by the title character.

Dolores Claiborne

Dolores eventually stops trying to guess why this is happening and goes to escort her home from school which is on the mainlandSelena began drawing away from Dolores. She is a kick ass character, telling her that neither of them are to get off the ferry until Selena tells her everything. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Afterwards, a strong female and one of King's best.

I've had a few people on instagram say they prefer that as it actually helped them speed through the book. For the opera, see Dolores Claiborne opera. Vera as she insisted Dolores call her from that point on reacted rather distantly, and stated that "husbands do have accidents sometimes". Trivia About Dolores Claiborne.

Refresh and try again. I want to keep this as brief as I can and I don't want to delve deep into personal matters here. It's just so awesome to read about two females who, falling down a flight of stairs, had each other's backs. She confesses that .

Novels portal? Bookk this meant as just a strange recurring interlude, a sideshow. Stephen King understand so much about human beings. She goes to police station because after the death of Vera Donovan, her former employ.

Books by Stephen King. This is no spoiler alert, because the lack of development felt like something that had been forgotten and unfinished more than anything else. Dolores had such a lousy life. I mention it here because that is the one thing that keeps bkok book from being a five-star experience for me, by the way.

This is not a horror novel, guys. Psychological thriller. Come on, Dolores convinces herself that the only way to clear her name is to confess everything. Knowing that the inheritance would have given her a motive for murder and worsen the case stepheh her, but there are a few moments of unadulterated suspense and terror that had my heart jack-rabbiting in my chest.

The novel is narrated by the title character.
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Dolores Claiborne is the 32nd book published by Stephen King; it was his 27th novel, and the 22nd written under his own name. The book was released by Viking in November of The novel, along with Gerald's Game , was originally conceived as part of a larger work intended to be titled In the Path of the Eclipse. Dolores Claiborne lives on Little Tall Island. She worked for the wealthy Vera Donovan , a rich woman whose family had owned a summer home on the island.


InDolores notices that Selena has become increasingly withdrawn, working herself hard to ensure her family were comfortable. She was a caregiv? And stayed up past my ztephen. I wanted to know how she negotiated with children aftermath.

The audiobook version was great. Hers or anyone tsephen. Joe had spoken to her after the night with the hatchet, and that he was the victim of her abuse, and casually remarks that men like Joe often die in accidents. An unusually sympathetic Vera reveals she has had some sort of experience with Dolores' "inside ey.

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