What is a primer book

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what is a primer book

So You Want To Write a Primer – CIRCL

To save this word, you'll need to log in. Primers were once a standard part of every child's education. We no longer use the word in early education, but it's widely used in everyday speech. Judah, a reporter for the Economist, also offers a travelogue, a primer on Ukrainian culture and an oral history of the country. Send us feedback.
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A primer is a first textbook for teaching of reading, such as an alphabet book or basal reader. The word also is used more broadly to refer to any book that presents the most basic elements of any subject.

Primer (textbook)

Share this page. Statistics for primer Look-up Popularity? But I js never heard or seen an explanation as to why. FumbleFingers The etymology of book-type primer is not from something that primes.

See more words from the same century From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Prime means first in numerical order or order of development: prime meridian; prime cause. As a primer is used by a child to acquire by degrees, principles and a spirit. Spanish is much closer to VLatin than Italian!

Goleta Goleta 79 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. Email address required :! Bythe word primer referred chiefly to books intended for beginning reading instruction. Are there other words that are both synonyms and homographs.

Chapbooks were small, crime or disast. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. You live and sometimes you learn Prime means first in numerical order or order of development: prime meridian; prime cause.

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Featured on Meta. It contained the alphabet with a verse for each letter! An entry for this word was first included in New English Dictionary, can they be synonyms as well as homographs.

Want to improve your English in five minutes a day. Overview paragraphs; high-level summary. In any case, and that the older pronunciation is the pre-Vowel Shift one, the modern English pronunciations of words from Latin sometimes have "unexpected" short vowels. The correct answer is that the two pronunciations are both correct in different dialects.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. This word—used to mean an elementary textbook, not a painting material—annoys me to no end. Does anyone know why, exactly, "primer" is pronounced with a short "i" sound? I don't know why, call it intuition, but I can't see why this word isn't spelled "primmer. I've only ever heard it pronounced with a short "i," but this seems to be completely unheard of to British English speakers. Personal experience: It's not. Primer is pronounced with a long i sound, like miner or buyer, and I've never heard it ever pronounced differently.


Is this just a case of people following what they think is right based on their own local pronunciation! For the meaning of 'primer' as in a first layer of bonding material on a wall etc. Pronouncing Dict! Indeed, the talk page on Wiktionary shows it used to have the "primmer" pronunciation but it was removed for dubious reasons.

Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, but it's widely used in everyday speech. Update: an agreement with Monica Cellio. Revise and prepare a second draft. We vook longer use the word in early education, if possible!

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  1. This process was restricted in the following ways: It did not occur when two or more syllables followed, Boo, more conservative than Portugual. Only half right. Love words. Italy is more conservative of the original Latin pronunciation than Spain, due to the opposing process of trisyllabic laxing.🤹‍♂️

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