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I f the era of the generally acknowledged classic jazz recording — a genre stretching from Louis Armstrong's West End Blues to John Coltrane's A Love Supreme — was brought to an end first by the passing of the great 20th-century innovators and then by the overwhelming profusion of recordings produced by the musicians of subsequent generations, it would be wrong to assume that no contemporary work is worthy of a place in the pantheon. When historians come to assess the jazz created in the first decade of the 21st century, for instance, they should not overlook Monk's Casino , a recital of all 70 of the compositions attributed to Thelonious Sphere Monk Jr, interpreted by a quintet under the leadership of the distinguished German pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach. Performed in a nightclub and cast in the form of a continuous medley lasting three and a half hours, this prodigious achievement invites the listener to revel not just in the musicians' extraordinary inventiveness but in the ceaselessly surprising nature of the material from which they draw their inspiration. But still, as Schlippenbach and his colleagues so amply demonstrate, the well is far from dry, and every night in jazz clubs around the world musicians who were unborn when Monk died in can be found grappling with the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic subtexts of such masterpieces of musical cryptology as "Well You Needn't", "Epistrophy" and "Straight, No Chaser", and exploring the luminous beauty of his ballads, including "Round Midnight", "Crepuscule With Nellie" and "Ruby, My Dear". If Monk's compositions, with their unexpected angles, abrupt rhythms and astringent dissonances, are full of mysteries, then so was their creator. Initially derided by all but the inner circle of the bebop revolution, eventually he was embraced by the vanguard of the beat generation, to whom he symbolised the postwar shift of jazz from popular entertainment to intellectual exercise.
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You generally need it just for a few years until the gap between what you owe and what the car is worth closes. Undercarriage rustproofing, for example, is of dubious value. So now that you know how these monitors work, you're probably wondering: Are they worth it? After all, they're optional on many modern cars but rarely standard, and that means you'll need to decide whether you should spend the money to add them to your next vehicle. Reddit is another college-originated social media site, and it's a very special one at that. Everyone Deserves A Nice Car. When that happens, some of us will be tempted to decide our car is not worth repairing www.

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