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Magic Tree House , the long-running series launched by Mary Pope Osborne in , has become a bookshelf staple in homes, libraries, and classrooms. The adventures of Jack and Annie, a brother and sister who discover a book-stocked treehouse that whisks them on magical journeys through time and space, now number more than 60 chapter books and several dozen nonfiction Fact Tracker guides. With so many options, how do you know where to start? I mean, of course I could tell readers to get into the series by beginning with the very first book, but is that really the best entry point for every reader? My son is a kid who likes to be thorough and who has now read every installment of the Magic Tree House series, some more than once.
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[READ] Magic Treehouse #14: Day of the Dragon King

Explore the Books. Explore all of the Magic Tree House titles including the Merlin Missions and Fact Trackers. Read More · Give the Gift of Story Time! The Magic.

Magic Tree House Collection: Books 1-8

Season of the Sandstorms by Mary Pope Osborne. Jack and Annie head to 18th-century Austriawhere they must find and help a musician by the name of Mozart. Adult Written by usuaggie83 May 29, Jack and Annie are able to use the power of a magic hazel twig to transform themselves back to humans from ravens and Jack is able to tap into its power to defeat the Evil Housd King by turning him into a baby raven.

Shelve Stage Fright on a Summer Night. Shelve Hurricane Heroes in Texas. Jack and Annie are whisked all the way back to… More? That's… More.


Jul 09, Minutes years Buy. Jul 09, Minutes years. Travel back in time in the magic tree house with Jack and Annie in this 1 bestselling series and meet the greatest warriors of all—the Romans! Then get whisked away and meet famous founding-father and inventor Ben Franklin! Warriors in Winter : We are warriors! Jack and Annie have met knights, pirates, ninjas, and Vikings, but they have never met the most fearsome warriors of all: Roman soldiers. When the magic tree house whisks them back to the early s AD, Jack and Annie find themselves in a Roman camp.

Love and Grumpiness Grumpy Cat. Shelve Vacation Under the Tere. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. Who HQ and Varian Johnson. I wondered if he thought the books had to be read in order or if I could tell would-be readers that the series could be started with any title, including those right in the middle.

The original American series is illustrated by Salvatore Murdocca , although other illustrators have been used for foreign-language editions. The series consists of two groups. The first group consists of books , in which Morgan Le Fay sends Jack and Annie Smith, two normal children who are siblings from the fictional small town of Frog Creek, Pennsylvania, on numerous adventures and missions with a magical tree house. These books are longer than the previous 28, and some take place in fantasy realms like Camelot. Kathleen and Teddy are two apprentices who befriend Jack and Annie during their adventures, with one of these adventures being to free Teddy from a spell. The two occasionally join Jack and Annie, and, when they don't, provide them support instead. In the beginning, Mary Pope Osborne wrote the books with Morgan sending the children on missions.


Book 5. Shelve Civil War on Sunday. Book 7. Meet Jackie Robinson and solve a mystery in the… More.

Fun, educational chapter books have something for everyone. These books were rough. Time This series is terrible. Book 5.

When Penny, Merlin's beloved penguin from Eve of the Emperor Penguin, where they must find and help a musician by the name of Mozart. Jack and Annie head to 18th-century Austria. The show must go on. Magic Tree House Series.

Jack and Annie are off on another adventure! The series consists of two groups. Who HQ and Varian Johnson. Recipe for a Perfect Wife.

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  1. Dolphins at Daybreak by Mary Pope Osborne. Onlinw and Annie discover the tree house and, they unwittingly travel back to the late Cretaceous period 65 million years ago where they meet a Pteranodon that saves them from a Tyrannosaurus rex. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Print. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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