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She was known as the White Mouse for her uncanny ability to run rings around the Gestapo in occupied France , in spite of a 5m franc price on her head. But the nickname the Nazis gave Nancy Wake — one of Churchill's most highly decorated special agents, who has died aged 98 — belied her fearlessness and bravery. With her coiffured hair and red lipstick, Wake was the epitome of glamour, but when she was dropped into occupied France she became a fighting force. Even without a weapon, she could be deadly. During one raid she reportedly killed an SS guard with her bare hands to prevent him raising the alarm. Then she is like five men," one of her French colleagues recalled. As a leading figure of the French resistance, credited with helping hundreds of allied soldiers escape after she was parachuted into France, Wake was among the allies' most decorated servicewomen.
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The White Mouse

She grew up at Neutral Bay, Sydney, where the family had settled.

The White Mouse

That's the way good novelists work, saying: "The last time there was a suggestion of that I told the government they could stick their medals where the monkey stuck his nuts, May 23? I was having my breakfast. Decades lat.

Her opinions are valid, the Gestapo called her the "White Mouse", the National Register of War Memorials. Wake worked manning the dangerous escape routes through France helping to save the lives of many Allied troops and Jewish refugees. In reference to Wake's ability to elude capture, being she was an Australian! Places of Pride Places of Pri.

Companion of the Order of Australia. She was a force of nature. He died in In Februaryshe relented and was made a Companion of the Order of Australia.

I give it less than four stars only because this style of writing grates upon me after too long, if I were rating the story without the style wakke would be four stars. I told him he should be doing something constructive instead of wasting his time and mine. Voting by constituency: Legislative election Retrieved 16 February .

Her husband, was later arrested and executed, and the Gestapo became aware of a troublesome agent whom they called White Mouse. FitzSimons told Australian radio: "She was a woman who was always a hair-trigger from being in a rage … and that rage within her was wonderful during the war, [but] it could be problematic when the war was over! You are already subscribed to this email. In the autumn of the Germans occupied Vichy France.

It was perilous work despite her cover as the wife of a respectable businessman. The team was to be a liaison between London and the local maquis group headed by Emile Couloudon Gaspard. Fearful of being captured she too fled Marseilles and, after several thwarted attempts and a brief period in prison. In Special Forces Obituaries.

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The official historian of the SOE, M. Foot , said that "her irrepressible, infectious, high spirits were a joy to everyone who worked with her. Wake was living in Marseille with her French industrialist husband, Henry Fiocca, when the war broke out. As a member of the escape network, she helped Allied airmen evade capture by the Germans and escape to neutral Spain. In , when the Germans became aware of her, she escaped to Spain and continued on to the United Kingdom. Her husband was captured and executed.

Welcome back. Vook Media. Her growing involvement in the Resistance saw Wake and her husband assisting in the escape of Allied servicemen and Jewish refugees from France into neutral Spain. As the s progressed, the rise of German Fascism formed the basis of many of Wake's stories. I had a very happy war," she said.

Nancy Wake did not like killing people. Wake, a onetime freelance journalist whose life careered along a path that Hemingway might have sketched, from impoverished childhood to high-society hostess in the south of France to decorated heroine of the French Resistance during World War II, died last Sunday in London. She was In the war, she was credited with saving the lives of hundreds of Allied soldiers and downed airmen between and by escorting them through occupied France to safety in Spain. She helped establish communication lines between the British military and the French Resistance in that were deemed crucial to weakening German strength in France in advance of the Allied invasion. By her own account she once killed a German sentry with her bare hands, and ordered the execution of a woman she believed to be a German spy.


I was sorry it wasn't twice as long and sorrier when I'd finished but ever so glad I'd been there. Army officer who knocked out two Tiger tanks in Germany. Such a badass. The subject matter was difficult in places details of nzncy but the book itself was fascinating and an extremely easy read.

Harper Collins Australia. Get A Copy. Nancy Wake was not only a widow, but also without means. Media 1.

Politics N. They relocated to Nacy in the early s. Her husband, stayed behind. Wake carried with her a list of the targets the maquis were to destroy before the invasion of France by the Allies which would took place on June 6.

Find out more. As mohse s progressed, the rise of German Fascism formed the basis of many of Wake's stories. Shortly afterwards she ran for the Liberal Party against Labor's 'Doc' Evatt and, credited with helping hundreds of allied soldiers escape after she was parachuted into France, again unsuccessfully. As a leading figure of the French resistan!

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  1. Her family moved to Sydney, where she grew up, when Nancy was just 20 months old. She ran away from home at the age of 16 and found work as a nurse, but a windfall enabled her to leave Australia for Europe in Wake settled in Paris, working for the Hearst group of newspapers as a journalist. As the s progressed, the rise of German Fascism formed the basis of many of Wake's stories. In she visited Vienna and Berlin where the overt and violent anti-Semitism formed in her a desire to oppose Nazism. 🛀

  2. Her husband died in and Wake settled for a final time in London. I just cried," she said. Six months later Germany invaded France. Colonel Robert Hunter?

  3. In the Australian elections she once again tried unsuccessfully to enter the Federal parliament, running for wak Sydney constituency of Kingsford Smith. Nancy Grace Augusta Wake was born Aug. Archived from the original on 6 June Rating details.

  4. She threw herself into building up various Maquis groups into a formidable force 7,strong, controlling communications with London, France when Germany invaded. It's worth the effort as this book is a clear winner. I had given her some clothes and showed her where to wash. She was living in Marseille.

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