Dark matter comic book characters

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dark matter comic book characters

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With the most basic foundations of identity stripped away, six men and women fight for survival aboard a derelict space craft, not even comprehending the source of the danger -- or whether they can trust their companions. Comic Book Resources spoke with Mallozzi about the series, "Dark Matter's" development and the similarities and differences between comics and television. As they struggle to put the pieces together, the ship's security system marks the crew as a threat, dispatching a single-minded android to eliminate the amnesiac men and women on board the craft. Conflicts arise, suspicions mount, but it quickly becomes clear that they will need to rely on each other to have any hope at survival. The crewmembers' confused state puts them at a disadvantage when the security system activates, and the actions that may have awakened it give One through Six further reasons to distrust their fellow castaways. What sets it off and why it targets the presumed crew is one of the many layers in this grand scifi mystery," Mallozzi said.
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Dark Matter Is A Comic Book?

Dark Matter (Graphic Novel)

What's their business on the planet. Five 39 episodes, Trailers and Videos. Taglines: Fight to remember.

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Created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, both of whom worked on the various Stargate shows, the series is based on a comic novel published by Dark Horse Comics. Are they good, bad, or a bit of both? An early twist on this is the character Five, who as a teenage girl is clearly not one of the original crew. She also ends up with the memories of the others jumbled in her head, without a guide as to who it is that the memories relate. This aspect was initially used to reveal, mostly through flashback, curious facts about the six, and how they became to be in the crew. Most of the early episodes rotate around self-discovery, though on several occasions either the memories Five holds or other information provide an entirely misleading perspective. Gnawing away at what cohesion is forming between the six is the knowledge that one of them probably sabotaged the sleep pods.


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Now I think maybe I can start to heal. This site uses Akismet comi reduce spam. New US sci-fi, fantasy and horror shows for The only clue to their identities is a cargo bay full of weaponry and a destination: a remote mining colony that is about to become a war zone.

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